After having children, 10 possible improvements in the relationship between husband and wife

I’m going to be married for three years, Recently, I learned the good news that many friends are pregnant. In fact, I am also seriously considering having a child. But when discussing with my husband about the changes in family life after having another child, We found that, Everything is worrying. The main problems are the source of income, the development of my career, how to serve my children, not getting a good sleep, And whether our marriage will be threatened. After all, We have heard many stories about the tension between husband and wife after giving birth. But I haven’t heard much about the improvement of the relationship after having children. In order to make the relationship develop in a good direction, I talked to ten women who thought their relationship was happier after giving birth. Here’s what I learned. You will become closer and closer. Before I had children, My husband wants to take care of me, And wanted to take care of his parents, He was torn around on both sides. After our daughter was born, He realized that his daughter was totally dependent on him, Therefore, when he made his decision, he began to consider the interests of the children. At this time, there is no longer [our family] or [parents’ family], Children are the first.-Rachel, you will take healthier ways to solve conflicts. I grew up in the constant quarrels between my parents. They can clearly apologize and understand each other. But always quarreled, This kind of feeling makes me very anxious. Because of this experience, My husband and I will try our best to argue [civilized] in front of the children. If we accidentally lose control of our emotions in front of the children, We will apologize to each other in front of them.-Kim, don’t take for granted the good times in the two-person world. Since having children, We no longer have unlimited time together, So we really cherish all the time we can spend together now. After having a son, We must take the initiative to devote time and energy to defending our marriage. This makes us great parents.-Heather, you will see the growth of the other half since you have a son. The once selfish and childish husband became the kind of person he wanted his son to be. In fact, when he changed his attitude towards life for his children, he also taught me how to become a better person.-Dayna, you will have a moment that belongs only to you. When my daughter did something very pleasant, I was moved beyond words. Looking at my husband, He will say to me with his eyes [I know]. Then I will understand in my heart, We are experiencing the same kind of silent touch.-Ashley, the labor pains make your relationship closer. After giving birth, My love for my husband is even stronger. Our daughter came to this world two months earlier by emergency caesarean section. When I couldn’t tell her a story or let her snuggle up to me, He was always with her at the hospital. When I was sad and upset, He held my hand tightly all the time, Until I fell asleep. For me, He was our superman then, For now, Always will.-Marci, the communication between the two sides may improve. After the child is born, I just take it for granted that my husband will understand that I need more help in housework. And he thought that if I needed help, Will offer. Finally, I asked him why he could not help more, He said that he thought I could handle everything calmly. He thought if I needed help, Will tell him. From that day on, Our mutual support and communication have soared.–A partnership is no longer empty talk [partner] is no longer a word to us. And become real everyday life. For example, Before we had a baby, We will set the wake-up alarm clock according to our own needs every day. The only thing we need to discuss is: When the time to get up is about the same, Who takes the shower first? Now, We worked together all morning, learn [become a family], Even small things like making coffee, We are all no longer self-conscious.-Laura Having children can help you identify the right person. I think having children can show a man’s true character. This is the moment when you really understand him and he will deal with difficulties and dangers how. When I first saw my husband holding our son… that was the moment. I am sure he is my true soul mate in this life.-Ashley, you may become more intimate. Having children has changed the way I feel my heart and body. It also had a positive impact on the sex life between my husband and me. I felt that I had a better understanding of my body and the power contained in it, and immediately felt more comfortable and real when I thought that I was the mother of my children.-Jennifer