Alkaline constitution is easier to give birth to sons? In fact, there is only one way to affect the birth of boys and girls…

In TV plays, there is always a fierce mother-in-law who points to her daughter-in-law’s stomach and says:

Look at your disappointing belly, you can’t even give birth to a son!

… …

Whether to have a son or not really has something to do with the belly of the daughter-in-law? Alkaline constitution makes it easier to have sons?

Ah! Don’t rush to a conclusion yet. Today, let’s talk about the three common questions about whether to give birth to a man or a woman.

If you can’t give birth to a son, is your wife’s stomach not good?

Not really.

Whether to give birth to a son or a daughter has nothing to do with the wife’s belly. It is determined by genes.

The human body has a pair of decisive chromosomes (that is, things with genetic material). The son born has XY chromosomes on his body. The daughter who gives birth has XX chromosome. When giving birth, both parents will provide one chromosome.

Because the pair of chromosomes of women are XX, no matter whether boys or girls are born, the mother can only provide X; Dad is different, because men bring XY, so dad can offer two choices, X or Y.

When the father provides X, plus the mother’s X, he gets XX and gives birth to a daughter. When the father provides Y, plus the mother’s X, XY is required to give birth to a son.

Therefore, you can see that the natural chance of having a son is the same as that of having a daughter. As a parent, one should consider letting the pregnant mother go to the hospital regularly for pregnancy tests to give birth to a healthy baby, instead of pointing at the mother-in-law’s stomach and saying “disappointing”.

Is there a secret recipe for what to have a son?

Sorry, no.

There are many secret recipes among the people. Legend has it that they can improve the chances of giving birth to a son, but these statements are not only unscientific, but also harmful.

1. Some methods are absolutely impossible to try.

It is widely circulated that washing the vagina with soda water to turn the vagina into an alkaline environment can improve the chances of giving birth to a son.

The fact is, doing so will only destroy the natural acid and alkali environment of the vagina, which will easily lead to the imbalance of the flora of the vagina itself and the occurrence of vaginitis. Absolutely! Yes! No! Yes! Do it!

2. Some methods may be harmful

There are also rumors that eating more alkaline food during pregnancy can adjust the [pH value] of the body and improve the chances of giving birth to a son, which is totally useless.

The most basic physiology has told us that the pH value of human blood and body fluids is controlled by a set of dynamic and balanced metabolic mechanisms, and the pH value of blood is usually kept in a constant range (between 7.35 and 7.45).

The so-called [body alkali is healthy], is completely nonsense, normal people’s blood pH value is about 7.4, belongs to weak alkaline, and like stomach, skin, female vagina and other parts, must maintain acidic environment to ensure normal physiological function. The PH value of the body will not change because of the food eaten.

Most importantly, when pregnant, the pregnant mother should have a balanced diet. If she deliberately eats more or less certain foods, it will not only not change the normal pH value of the human body, but also affect the growth and development of the baby.

3. Some methods have no scientific basis.

Other rumors say, for example, orgasm, pregnancy in summer, and the choice of standing posture or backward posture in the same room can improve the chances of giving birth to a son.

Why? ! !

Secret recipe can’t… but I heard IVF can?

Technically, it is possible, but it must meet the conditions, otherwise it is against the law.

We often say that [the third generation of IVF] can indeed control the sex of embryos by screening chromosomes, but relevant laws and regulations have strictly limited the applicable conditions.

Only when the sex of the child is determined to be related to hereditary diseases can the sex be artificially selected to avoid diseases.

For example, if you give birth to a son, the child will suffer from the same disease as his parents, but if you give birth to a daughter, you will be healthy. At this time, due to medical considerations, you can artificially choose a healthy daughter.

Infertile couples have no choice but to choose IVF to help them with pregnancy. Ordinary people should not place their wish to have a son on assisted reproductive technology.

The most important thing to give birth to a baby is to prepare for pregnancy. Now the sex ratio is seriously out of balance. What’s wrong with giving birth to a small cotton-padded jacket?