Experience of Small Anesthesiologists in Weight Control during Pregnancy

The director of the garden said

Everyone still remembers crying to everyone about how scared the medical staff are! Fat! Birth! Woman! Ma Xiaolu? Today, the director of the garden asked her to tell everyone about her experience in managing weight.

Good weight management during pregnancy is beneficial and harmless to both pregnant women and babies. At different times during pregnancy, the range of weight gain control is also different.

How is Xiaolu sauce made?

Xiaolu sauce was disobedient from an early age, and only chose to listen to the right thing in the matter of pregnancy!

Therefore, Xiaolu sauce insisted on listening to the words of Director Deng of Obstetrics Department of our hospital:

Shut up and control your diet.

Take your legs and exercise moderately.

Now in the 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby is growing well, and the weight of pregnant Xiaolu has steadily increased by 3.5 kg. Never forget to remind yourself that the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.

First, let’s introduce [theoretical knowledge]

Managing weight during pregnancy is simple, but it is actually very simple. It only requires three steps:

1. Calculate BMI before pregnancy

First of all, we have to calculate our BMI index!

BMI, also known as body mass index, can be calculated immediately by clicking here on a small tool.

2. How fast should you gain weight?

Then, we will manage our weight against the following appropriate range of weight gain for single pregnant women set by the US IOM in 2009.

The table shows the weight gain range of the whole pregnancy and the growth rate of different pregnancy periods:

IOM also has suggestions for weight gain of twin pregnant women:

    The weight before pregnancy was normal, and the increase range during pregnancy was 17 ~ 25 kg; Overweight before pregnancy, with an increase range of 14 ~ 23 kg during pregnancy; Obesity before pregnancy increased from 11 kg to 19 kg during pregnancy.

The relationship between weight classification and BMI is the same as that of single pregnant women.

3. Let the weight rise slowly!

Finally, it is necessary to control the weight growth rate by [keeping your mouth shut and your legs open]-controlling your diet and exercising moderately.

This is the common story of many pregnant mothers…

Many women often feel very tired and sleepy after pregnancy due to the influence of hormone levels, especially for the first three months, eager to lie in bed every day and not separate from pillow sheets.

In addition, the pregnancy reaction was severe, and I was extremely weak after eating and vomiting.

After waiting for three months, the [switch] of pregnancy vomiting reaction was turned off, and I went to the hospital to check B-ultrasound-finished! The baby is too small!

Then, I began to eat like crazy, eat like crazy, eat like crazy, eat for more than a month, and weigh myself: finished! The baby didn’t grow much, and the whole length of the meat was on her own!

I thought to myself: for the sake of Eva! Throw the meat after giving birth. Mother is really great. Smecta…

But! Yes! In borrowed words, every piece of meat on your body has its temper, just like slugs, which you can’t throw away if you want.

If we don’t want this story of wheels to repeat itself, all we have to do is say eight words:

Control diet

Moderate exercise

According to Xiaolu sauce’s personal experience, doing so can not only control the weight, but also improve the physical condition.

For example:

    Adhering to a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits every day is not only conducive to adhering to the principle of “baby grows and I don’t grow long”, maintaining steady weight gain, but also improving constipation during pregnancy. Early pregnancy lumbago, I insisted on doing [arch bridge posture] to exercise waist muscles before going to bed, and then lumbago improved!

Once you feel tight muscles, roll away and exercise immediately!

Feel swollen lower limbs, immediately roll to exercise!

In short, it is… if you don’t agree with a word, exercise!

How to [control diet]?

Xiaolu sauce never struggles with [what can eat] [what can’t eat], nor does it go to places such as a certain degree and a certain treasure tree in what to check these. During pregnancy, diet, exercise and skin care only refer to the advice of [Dr. Clove]. If they are not diligent enough and haven’t updated what I want, I will be a self-reliant [document dog].

As a stubborn and disobedient pregnant woman, Xiaolu sauce has never believed that a crab and a few pieces of hawthorn can miscarry people-if it is really possible, it is also necessary for what medicine to flow to what.

Every time people around me give examples to tell me that such magical deeds have happened, I silently doubt whether the crab I ate was undercooked or had suffered injustice at all… Poor crab, crab is high in protein, do you know…

But! It is not to say that all is forgiven can eat as much as you like during pregnancy. Therefore, hamburgers, ice cream and spicy chicken wings are not all according to my mother’s wishes.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should establish healthy and reasonable eating habits and diversified and nutritious dietary combinations, which can benefit both the pregnant women themselves and the babies in their stomachs.

1. What can’t eat?

    All raw meat, my beloved sushi, raw fish, Arctic shellfish, half-baked steak, all manual goodbye; Control caffeine intake to no more than 200mg; per day. Eggs must be cooked and eaten.

2. How do you eat what you can eat?

The first premise of diet is: hygiene!

On the premise of ensuring hygiene, let’s talk about collocation.

Most nutritionists divide food into five categories:

    Complex carbohydrates; Dairy products; Vegetables and fruits; High protein foods such as fish and meat; Oil, fat and sugar foods.

Compound carbohydrates and vegetables and fruits are the two most important foods, so eat more. Also eat a small amount of dairy products and high protein foods.

As for oil, fat and sugar foods, they do contain useful nutrients, but they should not be eaten too much.

All kinds of food, you pregnant queen mother can all want rain! Lou! Jun! Zhan! You must not spoil one food alone.

How to [exercise moderately]?

During pregnancy, you will get a lot of kind care and advice, but some suggestions are not necessarily right.

For example, what kind of exercise do you choose during pregnancy? Is it true that you can only take a walk?

Before pregnancy, Xiaolu sauce is the type of [quiet if paralyzed and moving if crazy rabbit]. It is not a fitness enthusiast. From time to time, it will follow the fitness app to practice, make a flat support, and run what downstairs in the community.

The exercise method after pregnancy is also simple and crude: aerobic + stretching for 40 min/day, at least 3 times a week.

Many relatives and friends who care about me have expressed their worries: Are you still running as a pregnant woman? Still exercising? Do you still practice muscles? Still climbing mountains? Do you still swim? !

First of all, I would like to state that Xiaolu sauce is a very timid pregnant woman who is afraid of death. She is also extremely responsible for the baby in her belly.

Here, I am very responsible to tell you that moderate aerobic exercise is not only not impossible, but also very beneficial! Pregnant mothers who have many years of fitness experience before pregnancy, even lifting iron and handstand, are not a problem, but there are prerequisites.

The premise of exercise during pregnancy is: after regular prenatal examination, the doctor tells you that there is no problem and you can exercise.

Be sure:

Follow the doctor’s advice!

Follow the doctor’s advice!

Follow the doctor’s advice!

During the exercise, any discomfort must be horse! Go! Stop! Stop!

What exercises can I do during pregnancy? How do you exercise? Look at the picture:

In the process of exercise, don’t want to do a lot of exercise at one go. The increase in exercise amount should be gradual and enough. It can be gradually increased every week. It must be carried out on the premise that you can bear the discomfort of what.

Xiaolu sauce generally adjusts the exercise intensity by calculating the number of heart rates by touching the pulse. It is OK to control the heart rate below 130 beats/minute. Pregnant women over 40 years old should control the heart rate below 120 beats/minute.

The director of the garden said

Weight control is a homework to be done throughout pregnancy. It is not good not to gain weight, nor is it good to gain weight too fast.

It is easy to read an article, but it is not so easy to practice it according to personal needs.

The director of the garden is willing to accompany you to form good habits and change. Let’s start today.