Always can’t keep your mouth shut? Because you are surrounded by traps.

Do you have the feeling that every time you go out to eat, you want to order everything, and the food is very delicious. You can’t stop eating until you can’t stop, but take-out loses this magic. Is it a fake meal? Or does the hotel have what’s secret?

Doctor Clove can’t get the secret book, but there are routines (traps).

Dim light

I don’t know if you have noticed that the lights in those [high-end restaurants] are often very dim.

Is it to create a romantic atmosphere and facilitate marriage proposal?

Ha ha, the restaurant just wants you to [order more dishes].

The study found that soft and dim lights will make us feel more comfortable, and our self-awareness will be relatively poor, and then… we will eat too much unconsciously.

Correspondingly, do you know why fast food restaurants are as bright as broad daylight? It’s not convenient for you to go all night, people just want you to leave quickly after eating.

Relaxed music

In addition to the mystery of lighting, businesses have also made a lot of efforts on BGM (Background Music).

[High-end restaurants] usually play carefully selected light music and even invite a band to play live.

Light music will help people relax, slow down the meal speed and prolong the meal time … Well, with the double extension effect of lighting, it is not a matter to order another dish.

A seductive aroma

How do the same coffee beans, the coffee in the store and the coffee made by oneself feel completely different?

The secret lies in the aroma.

The coffee shop sells at least thousands of cups of coffee every day, and the tables and chairs are pickled with coffee.

Even if some people don’t like the bitter taste of coffee, it is difficult to resist the temptation of coffee aroma.

What is more amazing is that this fragrance can not only stimulate your desire to buy, but also make you feel happy and relieve pressure.

In other words: Buy Buy will not feel guilty when buying.

Suitable temperature

In the hot summer, I have no appetite and I am not active in eating.

This is because when the temperature is high, our bodies will send out signals: [the temperature is high enough, we don’t need to eat to keep warm.]

Therefore, summer is the easiest season to lose weight (not). But everyone has no appetite. How can restaurants make money?

Turn on the air conditioner and blow hard with all your strength. While it is cool, it can also free your suppressed appetite.

It’s so cool, can you bear not to sit for a while and order one more dish?

-Well… if I don’t eat outside, I won’t be tricked into eating more.

-Are you sure?

Can you see? Eat!

Now, please keep an eye on the snacks at home. Keep an eye on them.

… …

Do you feel it is waving flags and shouting:

Eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me! ! !

Experiments have found that if you put chocolate in a transparent jar, you will eat it 46% faster. Seeing it is a constant reminder to you [eat].

Therefore, the slogan “I’ll drink you up if you look at it again” is very reasonable.

If you are determined to [shut up], then don’t hoard snacks and think about [eating slowly later]. If you have already bought, close the drawer quickly.

You know, out of sight, out of heart.

At hand? Eat!

Laziness is the key to the door of appetite, which is divided into physical and mental.

(1) physically

The freezer is open? Then eat a box of ice cream.

Coke is on the bedside table (don’t need to get up)? Then have a bottle.

Strawberries still need washing? …… Forget it.


(2) Mental

A big bag of snacks? Then finish eating, your mouth is lonely anyway.

Are they all small packages? After eating, I still have to think about whether to take down a bag… I’m so tired, forget it and eat this bag.


Is it a true portrayal of you? Isn’t it?

Dr. Clove tells you that these are all scientifically verified, and human beings… are really so lazy.

So remember to buy small packages for snacks and put them as far away as possible.

Didn’t you notice? Eat!

Some people, who had just finished their meal and were still clamoring for too much support, turned around and went into the cinema to buy coke and popcorn.

If you continue to eat when you are full, it doesn’t mean you have two stomachs, but because movies will distract your attention and make your brain ignore the signal of your body [I am full] and eat more unconsciously.

The more focused you watch the movie, the more popcorn you eat. Cinemas like you.

However, everyone has different reactions to [attention]. Some people may forget to eat when watching TV.

Not much? Eat!

-How much do you eat?

-Half a bowl of rice.

How big this bowl is is really very important. It not only represents your appetite, but also affects your appetite.

Studies have proved that using large bowls can really eat about 31% more than eating small bowls.

Not only rice, but also cups filled with drinks need more attention. [stout bottles] can hold more, but it looks less than [thin and tall bottles].

If you want to control your appetite, quickly replace all the bowls in your home with small ones and all the cups with thin ones.

The next time someone asks you how much you eat, you can also arrogantly reply: “I want to eat three bowls of rice at a time, but I am not fat and angry!” ]

Routines, full of routines.