Sleep beautifully and make you younger than your peers.

People usually like to say [sleep beauty sleep], of course, they don’t think they can turn white, thin and beautiful when they wake up.

However, a good sleep can really give the skin more time to repair and make people look more radiant and energetic.

How? This is not as simple as [sleeping for 8 hours], nor can it be solved by sticking a few facial masks. Dr. Clove tells you that there are at least 6 key points for a good beauty sleep.

First, don’t eat salty food

Have you ever got up in the morning with your eyelids too heavy to open and your whole face swollen like a pig’s head? This is probably because you ate too salty at night.

Whether it’s dinner or midnight snack, remember to eat less salt, which can effectively avoid edema. Of course, you should also drink less water.

No? If you don’t believe me, make a bowl of instant noodles and ham and try to dry the soup base.

Second, drink less water and don’t drink

Many people will think that a glass of wine before going to bed is relaxing and can help them fall asleep.

But in fact, drinking before going to bed will make people unable to sleep steadily and soundly, and will also make your skin dry and pores thicker.

If you are afraid that drinking too much water will become a “night’s night home”, you might as well drink some warm boiled water in small sips.

Third, take a hot bath

A hot bath for more than 10 minutes is generally the best.

This can relax the body after a tired day, let you fall asleep faster and sleep more every day.

Fourth, do a good job in skin care

The next step after taking a bath is, of course, to clean your face. If you are a female friend who makes up, you must take off your makeup well, clean and thoroughly.

However, both men and women, old and young, should pay attention to moisturizing.

The oily ingredients in the moisturizing cream can help the skin lock in moisture. It is suggested that you can use it properly and apply it several times after washing your face, hands and bathing every day. Usually, the cream moisturizing cream has a better effect.

Fifth, sleep face up

Many friends like to sleep on their stomach, curled up and sleep in various positions.

But for the vast majority of people, lying on your back is the best sleeping position.

The American Dermatological Association found that sleeping on the side deepens wrinkles on the cheeks and chin, while lying on the stomach deepens wrinkles in the nasolabial groove. Only lying on the back can reduce wrinkles to a certain extent. Special attention should be paid to putting the neck slightly higher. However, it is not agreed that sleeping on the back can eliminate pouches under the eyes.

The formation of pouch under the eyes is not due to loose skin, but due to fat bulging in the lower eyelid, and even sometimes only eyelid edema is mistaken for pouch under the eyes. You either choose surgery to remove it, or you can sleep enough and don’t sleep swollen.

Sixth, put down your cell phone

At the end of the day, to have a perfect beauty sleep, you must put your mobile phone aside.

This is not to say that radiation from mobile phones can damage skin what, but because mobile phones are accomplices to a series of problems such as insomnia, sleep procrastination and dry eye.