Always troubled by bags under the eyes? Take a look at these solution

Bags under the eyes are one of the facial features of aging, and many people want to remove them quickly.

Doctor Fu, who has always adhered to the style of no chicken soup and no dog blood, answers questions here. Use this article to show you that what is pouch under the eyes and how to remove pouch under the eyes.

The following questions and answers are compiled from daily outpatient consultation.

How did the pouch come from?

Many people think that the formation of pouch under the eyes is the result of loose skin, but this is not the case.

Our eyeball is located in the orbit. In order to protect the eyeball, extraocular muscles are fixed around the eyeball and fat is filled to absorb shock. This is like filling sawdust in a wooden box transporting glasses.

The inner surface of the orbit has a layer of membranous tissue, the orbital septum, which can limit the displacement of fat around the eyeball. This is like putting a plastic bag on the outside of sawdust to prevent sawdust from spreading everywhere.

However, with the aging of individuals, like other tissues, the elasticity of the orbital septum will also decrease, gradually unable to limit the fat around the eyeball, coupled with the effect of gravity, the lower eyelid will have fat bulging, forming pouches under the eyes.

As for some young people’s eye bags, they are mostly caused by anatomical differences related to heredity.

It is worth mentioning that there are some [bags under the eyes] due to poor sleep or physical illness, which are actually eyelid edema.

The tissue structure around the eyes is relatively loose. When fatigue leads to poor blood circulation around the eyes, or abnormal water and salt metabolism in the body is caused by renal insufficiency and other reasons, edema around the eyes may occur, which makes people think it is pouch under the eyes.

If this is the case, the most fundamental method is to ensure adequate rest and treat the primary diseases that cause abnormal water and salt metabolism.

How is pouch under the eyes not?

At present, a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine and beauty methods cannot completely remove pouch under the eyes, which can delay the development of pouch under the eyes at best.

There are only two truly effective methods: surgery and laser/radio frequency lipolysis.

Both are through reducing the amount of orbital fat, to achieve the purpose of removing pouch. However, the effect of ablation is often not lasting, so clinically, doctors often suggest taking surgical methods to remove pouch.

Can I do pouch surgery?

Pouch resection is an outpatient operation, which can be completed under local anesthesia, with less damage to the body and no need to be hospitalized.

However, surgery is not allowed under these circumstances:

    Ophthalmic diseases: glaucoma, infection of periorbital tissues, hyperthyroidism exophthalmia, etc. Basic diseases in internal medicine: hypertension and diabetes have not been effectively controlled, liver and kidney insufficiency and coagulation disorders, etc. Other special states: menstrual period and fever period caused by various reasons, etc.

In addition to the above situation, as long as subjective requirements and orbital fat bulge do exist, it can be corrected by surgery.

How will the doctor remove my pouch?

The two most mainstream surgical methods are introduced here.

1. Endotomy: Turn the lower eyelid ectropion and remove cellulite layer by layer from the inside.

The advantage of this operation is that it will not form scars on the body surface, but it is not suitable for middle-aged and elderly patients with flabby eyelid skin at the same time. Because the skin that has flabby after orbital fat is removed will appear more flabby and wrinkles are more obvious. Sawdust is less, plastic bags will appear baggy and wrinkled.

2. External incision: Make a skin incision directly outside the lower eyelid, remove cellulite, and finally lift the skin and suture the wound after appropriate amount of excess skin is removed.

The operation has the advantages of removing pouch and correcting eyelid skin relaxation at the same time, which is equivalent to doing a lower eyelid [lift skin], but the disadvantage is that there will be scar under the eyelid margin. Although scar is not obvious because eyelash cover, it is still necessary to carefully consider this problem before operation.

The specific operation method needs to listen carefully to the doctor’s advice and decide after careful consideration.

Is there a what risk in this operation?

Pouch resection is very mature, and risks and complications have been effectively controlled.

However, the following points are still worth noting:

    Surgical scars; After operation, wound hemorrhage may occur and hematoma may form. If it cannot be found in time, severe cases may even compress retinal artery and cause blindness. For some patients who have not found glaucoma, the stimulation of surgery may cause sudden rise of intraocular pressure, and in serious cases blindness may also occur. Excessive skin removal during pouch surgery may cause eyelid ectropion or lower eyelid depression.

Therefore, the doctor should be fully communicated before the operation to understand the risks of the operation. If there is discomfort such as eyeball pain and blurred vision after the operation, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Can pouch still relapse?

Generally, after the orbital fat volume is reduced, even if the orbital septum is still relaxed, the pouch under the eyes will not expand again.

However, early correction of mild pouch under the eyes, due to the small amount of orbital fat resection, may relapse in the later period. Of course, it is also impossible to remove orbital fat once and for all, too much, otherwise the socket depression will appear morbid and old.

If you have such needs, go to a regular hospital and talk to a specialist face to face about your thoughts and concerns.

Everyone has a love of beauty. As long as attention is paid to careful consideration and communication before surgery, cooperation with doctors during surgery, and timely follow-up of discomfort after surgery, complications can be effectively avoided and the safety of cosmetic surgery can be ensured.

Editor: Ni Jiahua