Carcinogenic? Spermicide? Radiation? Is the rumor about the electric blanket true?

The weather is getting colder and colder. You can only rely on electric blankets when you go out and sleep at night.

My friend Puma elder brother, originally a northeast man, has often mocked himself since he came to the south as [a wolf from the north, but he has frozen into a dog in the south]. This is not true. It is double 12. He bought electric blankets for the whole family and prepared for a [warm winter].

However, the electric blanket bought by Shuang 12 had just been received, but he was blindsided by the news of a circle of friends:


He hurried to me: [Is the electric blanket useless? Let Dr. Clove tell us quickly, it is still too late to return the goods.]

Do electric blankets cause cancer?

The circle of friends said that the electric blanket has radiation, which can cause cancer if used too much? Brother Puma is skeptical.

Indeed, electric blankets, like all household appliances, generate electromagnetic fields. If there is an electromagnetic field, there will be electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, rumors changed the concept secretly and said directly that [electric blankets, household appliances, can cause cancer].

Scientists began to study this issue that the people are so concerned about as early as 30 years ago. Let’s see what the authorities say.

The National Cancer Institute pointed out that commonly used household appliances, such as hair dryers, televisions, computers and electric blankets, belong to extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation, with frequencies generally below 300 Hz. This electromagnetic radiation is non-ionizing radiation and does not damage DNA and cells. Moreover, there is no evidence that using electric blankets increases the risk of cancer.

Therefore, the [theory of carcinogenesis of electric blankets] is sheer nonsense.

Can electric blankets cause fires?

Will the electric blanket cause a fire? There is a lot of this kind of news!

Indeed, the biggest safety problem of electric blankets is that they may cause fires. Every winter, there are always tragedies of fires caused by the use of electric blankets, which can even endanger lives in serious cases.

However, this cannot only blame the electric blanket! Almost all of these fire accidents have one thing in common: the use of old electric blankets.

Foreign investigations have pointed out that more than 99% of electric blanket fires are caused by old products that have been used for more than 10 years.

Because these over-age electric blankets often have the problem of aging lines, if there are combustible materials around, such as bed sheets and quilt covers, once the electric blankets are overheated, it is easy to cause fire. In addition, the aging electric blanket lines may also leak electricity.

Electric blankets also have a service life. According to national standards, the safe service life of electric blankets is 6 years. After this time, it is time to buy a new one.

Can everyone use the electric blanket?

Puma elder brother heard me say so, relieved, great! There is no need to return the goods, our whole family can use them at ease.

Wait a minute!

For most people, the electric blanket can be used safely.

However, if there are these members in the family:

    Pregnant Women Prepare Male Diabetes Patients

Special attention should be paid to the fact that electric blankets are not to be used arbitrarily.

Folklore [using electric blankets will affect men’s reproductive ability] is not groundless. The American Pregnancy Association points out that long-term use of electric blankets may cause overheating of men’s testicles and reduce sperm count.

Pregnant women should also use the electric blanket carefully. Long-term use or too high a temperature of the electric blanket may cause too high a body temperature and thus affect the fetus.

In addition, diabetics should be especially careful. Long-term hyperglycemia may cause skin numbness, and in severe cases, the sensation of feet and even limbs will be lost, which is also one of the common complications of diabetes.

If the electric blanket is used in this case, it is likely that the electric blanket cannot be turned off in time because the temperature cannot be sensed, thus causing burns.

Puma elder brother began to panic, [my wife is pregnant for 6 months, my old man also has diabetes, I still want to have 2 babies next year, what can I do? ]

Don’t worry, the solution is simple:

In a word: Don’t sleep with the electric blanket on!

You can warm the bed with an electric blanket before going to bed and turn off the power after going to bed, which will be much safer.

Tips for Smart Use of Electric Blanket

In order to help Brother Puma and to make everyone spend the winter safely and healthily, Dr. Clove has prepared several tips on using electric blankets. Let’s have a look:

1. Don’t fold the electric blanket or roll it up.

If the electric blanket is rolled up, the heating coil in the electric blanket may be damaged, increasing the risk of fire.

Step 2 Never wash with water

Washing will damage the coil and easily cause electric shock.

3. Purchase regular products

Be sure to buy electric blankets produced by regular manufacturers and passed the tests.

STEP 4 Don’t lay quilts on the surface

Laying blankets, quilts and even large plush toys on the surface of electric blankets is easy to cause overheating and become a potential safety hazard. Just spread a thin blanket.

Step 5 Turn off the power in time

Although some models of electric blankets have overheating and power failure modes, it is recommended to turn off the power supply in time when not in use for safety reasons.

Step 6 Drink plenty of water

Winter is already dry, and it is more likely to cause skin dryness if you use electric blankets. Drinking more water and applying moisturizing body lotion will help.


The so-called [carcinogenic] is actually nonsense. The cause of [fire and burns] is actually improper use, not the electric blanket itself. As long as it is used reasonably, for most people, the electric blanket is a safe and economical [winter artifact].