Beauty or fat? In those years, you spent money in vain to become beautiful.

No matter from the publicity of merchants or the long-standing ideas of the people, the following foods are more or less related to the effect of [beauty].

In fact, these [beauty foods] may not be as effective as you think.

Dr. Clove will talk about the use of those recognized [beauty foods] today.

1. Fruit Enzyme

The efficacy of fruit enzymes is trumpeted as magical, but enzymes are actually enzymes. The enzymes eaten will be decomposed in the stomach and cannot be used by the human body at all.

On fiber, it is better to eat an apple, on probiotics, it is better to drink a cup of yogurt.

In terms of price, you can buy several catties of apples, many cups of yogurt, and Japanese enzymes are very expensive. On food safety, fruit enzymes made by family workshops may also make you have diarrhea.

It can be done by eating more fresh fruits. There is really no need to waste money.

2. Green juice

Green juice is packaged by merchants as the essence of green leafy vegetables and barley. It seems that as long as one cup of green juice a day, there is no need to eat vegetables.

In fact, green juice is really not concentrated grass. A pack of green juice powder contains 1.24 g of dietary fiber. Adults recommend 25 g of dietary fiber every day. Drink one or two packs a day. You can do this math problem.

Besides, because the green juice has a bad taste, it is difficult to swallow without adding some extra sugar, and a lot of sugar is virtually eaten.

The green juice is not very good, so you don’t have to drink too much.

3. Donkey-hide gelatin paste, black sugar

Some people think that donkey-hide gelatin and black sugar can enrich blood and make you look better. In fact, donkey-hide gelatin is a donkey-hide gelatin cake made of boiled donkey skin, walnut kernel, sesame, crystal sugar and red dates. It is not only difficult to digest, but also has amazing sugar content.

As for black sugar, it is very direct sugar. Like white granulated sugar and glucose, black sugar cannot enrich blood.

For people who love acne, eating too much donkey-hide gelatin paste and black sugar will also increase the risk of acne.

Donkey skin can beautify. Should all donkeys be fairy now?

4. Pig trotters and fish glue

Since the collagen on the face began to lose, people always want to make it up. Pig trotters and fish glue do contain collagen.

However, unfortunately, after eating, the collagen inside cannot be directly absorbed by the human body due to its large molecular weight, let alone become collagen on your skin.

The effect of eating these two kinds of things is similar to that of eating eggs. Moreover, pig’s trotters are rich in fat, coupled with the high sugar and oil added by braise in soy sauce and other methods, the calories are really unthinkable.

Pig’s trotters, let your fat have no place to hide. (Second Senior Brother: Eating Hands Innocent)

5. Crystal Sugar Bird’s Nest

Although bird’s nest is expensive to sell, its nutritional composition is actually carbohydrate plus protein. Moreover, judging from the quality of protein, eating bird’s nest is better than eating an egg.

As for sialic acid, which is hyped by merchants to be fantastic, there is no evidence to prove that it has the effect of beauty and health care on people. What’s more, bird’s nest also has the risk of allergy. For the purpose of beauty beauty, it is totally unnecessary to spend a high price on bird’s nest.

In those years, the crystal sugar added to bird’s nest became the fat on the belly now.

6. Stewed Gleditsia Rice with Peach Gum

Although peach gum is sticky and has the function of repairing bark, unfortunately, peach gum does not contain the collagen you expect. Because collagen only exists in animal foods.

Gleditsia rice stewed with peach gum is actually a bowl of carbohydrates. Gleditsia rice has the same calories as rice, but because peach gum and Gleditsia rice are rich in soluble dietary fiber, similar to oats, replacing staple food can help relieve constipation.

Peach gum cannot repair your face unless you are a peach tree.

7. Tremella

Tremella is sticky when cooked, but it is also not because of collagen, but because of a soluble dietary fiber called tremella polysaccharide.

Tremella polysaccharide has a good water holding capacity. A bowl of tremella polysaccharide is refreshing and quenching thirst when it is dry and hot. It is helpful to supplement water and dietary fiber. As long as you don’t add too much polysaccharide, Tremella’s calories are not high.

Although the effect of beauty treatment is not much, fortunately it will not become a calorie burden.

If the above seven [beauty foods] are used as ingredients, they may taste good.

On the premise of ensuring food safety, you can eat these foods freely if you like them, but they really can’t realize the good wish of [becoming beautiful after eating]. If you eat too much just to become beautiful, you may become fat instead of beauty.