If you sleep less, you will gain weight? Four Truths about Sleep

There was a mathematical inference question on the Internet as follows:


People = Eat + Sleep + Play + Work

Pig = Eating + Sleeping

Substitution conversion can obtain:

If a person does not know how to play, he is equal to a pig who can only work.

Huh? Wait, has anyone considered the feelings of pigs? When what talks about pigs and fat, he eats more and sleeps more.

There are some things, everyone is really wrong.

Sleep less and gain more weight!

I hope you, who know the truth, did not faint directly and tears fell down.

Lack of sleep will make you fat, lack of sleep will make you fat, lack of sleep will make you fat!

Adequate research shows that:

People who sleep 6 hours a day gain much more weight than those who sleep 7 hours a day. However, those who sleep only 5 hours a day will gain more weight than those who sleep 6 hours a day.

As long as you don’t get enough sleep for 2 consecutive days and sleep less than usual for more than 2 hours, you can have an impact on your weight.

This is mainly because after staying up late, the secretion of appetite-related hormones will be affected and people will become more eager to eat high-calorie foods.

You may say, clearly someone stayed up all night [gaunt for Iraq]!

Sorry, the weight lost by staying up late is actually precious muscle of the body. It does not lose fat and will make it more difficult for you to lose weight in the future.

However, the usual saying that sleepiness and laziness will make you fat means that too much sleep time takes up exercise time and less activity will make you fat. In fact, sleeping more can also make you eat less, not necessarily fat.

However, if you sleep less, you are doomed to overeat and it is difficult not to be fat.

Lack of sleep, can’t make up!

Time is money.

Many young people nowadays are under the pressure of ultra-high pressure and ultra-high intensity of work (the boss should not see here).

Many people even deliberately train themselves to be [sleepy elites], thinking of filling a few large cups of super-strong coffee during the day and carrying it on their shoulders. Usually, it is good to take a nap and take a nap. Anyway, they are still young…

Ah ~ too silly and naive.

Sleep less than 7 hours a day and be energetic, which is really only the talent of a few people.

If you stay up late occasionally, it is good to make up your sleep. But if you stay up late often, you can’t make up for all your sleep.

Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. No matter how you practice, lack of sleep means lack of sleep. Stop deceiving yourself and others.

Sleepy during the day does not necessarily mean that you have not slept enough.

If you don’t sleep enough, you will definitely feel sleepy during the day, which will affect your study and work efficiency. However, if you are still sleepy, dozing off and yawning during the day even though you are well at night, it is not as simple as not sleeping enough.

It may be sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, or it may be a rare [sleep disorder]-narcolepsy.

Its performance is that whenever and wherever drowsiness strikes, it can fall asleep immediately and easily fall down.

Of course, if you have this kind of problem, don’t judge by yourself, you have to find a doctor in time.

I can’t sleep? Get up and move

Good sleep with high efficiency includes 4 important criteria:

1. Sleep in 30 minutes

2. Wake up during sleep (more than 5 minutes) not more than once.

3. Get back to sleep in 20 minutes

4. Sleeping 85% of the time in bed

You may ask, why can’t I sleep, but what should I do?

You should know that what is welcomed [with constant changes but with constant changes] is often just the same… unable to sleep.

If you can’t sleep in bed for 20-30 minutes, be decisive and leave your bed and bedroom!

Go to the living room or study to listen to some soothing music (low voice) and read some relaxing books. However, touching my conscience, it is also a good choice to prepare a book that is “sleepy as soon as it is opened”.

Be careful to leave the bed and wait until you are a little sleepy before going to bed. If you still can’t sleep, repeat the above steps after 20-30 minutes.

Don’t think this method is silly, stick to it for more than 4 weeks, there will be real surprises!