Being anesthetized is a how experience.

From tooth extraction to heart bypass, one will always experience anesthesia several times in one’s life. Is being anesthetized a how experience? Just like asking whether tofu is sweet or salty, different people will give completely different or even diametrically opposite answers. However, regardless of the variety of clinical operations, the corresponding anesthesia methods are also different. Despite the individual differences of different patients, anesthesia is always inseparable from the words [hemp] and [drunk]. [hemp] is what’s feeling? Grab a handful of prickly ash into your mouth to chew or sleep for half an hour with your head and arms on your head. The feeling of the little ant crawling is [hemp]. [hemp] is too severe, and you will feel that the hemp place [wood] has fallen off and you have no feeling. What is a local anesthesia? During surgery or other operations, Through the action of drugs, the sensation of the surgical site is lost, After a period of time, the feeling slowly recovered, This anesthesia method is [local anesthesia]. Local anesthesia is also divided into two types: One is a small-scale anesthesia: For most puncture operations, dental or ophthalmic operations and some surgical outpatient operations, Local anesthesia is performed by clinicians, not anesthesiologists. They infiltrate narcotic drugs around the operation site. This part has become [numbness] no feeling, and the patient himself is awake. One is a wide range of anesthesia: some large-scale surgery, such as cesarean section, cholecystitis, appendicitis, various fractures, etc. Only rely on anesthetic drugs in local infiltration is absolutely painful, what can I do? The human nervous system can actually be compared to a water pipe with intricate structure. When it is necessary to make a wide range of local sensations lose, It is equivalent to repairing several burst water pipes. The simplest way is to close the sluices upstream of several pipes. Is to anesthetize the nerves upstream of the operation site, Make it unable to conduct sensation. For example: Upper limb surgery, The anesthesiologist will tell you to turn your head to one side, Injections are given around the neck or armpit, His hands were getting numb, At last the wood could not be lifted, This is [brachial plexus block], It belongs to nerve block in local anesthesia. Legend has it that [spinal anesthesia]: During thoracic, abdominal, perineal and lower limb operations, Anesthesiologists will make you curl up like shrimps, Or lie prone on the chair and bow your back, Then you will feel something what stabbed in your back. The vertebra is very sour and swollen. Just when I can’t bear it, The anesthesiologist told you to lie flat, Amazingly, The back is gradually less sour and swollen, A little pins and needles, The part of the operation cannot be moved. When the anesthesiologist touches the skin with sharp objects, At first, I can still feel the feeling of needling. But gradually I couldn’t feel it in some places. What we usually call spinal numbness, It belongs to intraspinal anesthesia (intraspinal anesthesia is local anesthesia in a broad sense). The spinal cord lives in the spinal canal. A long, segmental strip of spinal cord, like that of a caterpillar, Each segment has nerves extending to various parts of the body to control the movement and sensation of the human body. Anesthetic drugs are injected into the spinal canal where different spinal cord segments are located according to different surgical sites. To achieve the purpose of anesthesia. Sometimes, You will feel chest tightness, palpitation, nausea and vomiting, Don’t be nervous at this time, Don’t feel embarrassed, Tell your anesthesiologist immediately, There are many reasons for this, Anesthesiologists will take appropriate measures to relieve your symptoms according to different reasons. Nowadays, The dominant position of intraspinal anesthesia has been replaced by general anesthesia, However, most cesarean sections still use intraspinal anesthesia, However, intraspinal anesthesia does not act on the head at all, which will not affect the mother’s head or the baby’s head at the same time. Those mothers who have undergone cesarean section and claim that they have become stupid because of anesthesia should stop blaming anesthesia for the reason of becoming stupid! Local anesthesia requires special attention to whether the anesthesia puncture in spinal canal is smooth or not. Much depends on the patient’s cooperation, So, whether you’re so nervous that your heart pops out of your chest or your back is sore and swollen, Be sure to hold your knees hard and bow yourself into shrimps. Local anesthesia, Especially intraspinal anesthesia, After the operation, I will still feel [numb], Different narcotic drugs after different time, The human body will gradually recover the feeling. When injecting anesthetic drugs into the spinal canal, it will cause a small part of cerebrospinal fluid to leak out, which may cause sensitive neighbors upstairs: head, headache. Therefore, it is best to go to the pillow to lie down for 6 hours after anesthesia in the spinal canal. In addition, the anesthetic site, although it is only a small needle eye, but also pay attention to nursing! [Drunk] Is what Feeling? General anesthesia, like a hangover. Usually it’s [hanging salt water], I saw the anesthesiologist pushing the medicine in the [water], and saw a big mask buckled down, inhaled some odor, and my eyelids slowly became heavier and heavier. When I woke up, I felt dizzy and hung over. My throat was a little sore and my wound also had dull pain. After the operation, I woke up those patients under general anesthesia and heard the most words: “Hey, it’s almost over?” I feel that I just had a dream]. So general anesthesia is concisely summarized as [sleeping]. General anesthesia is like blocking the brain, the main gate of the complicated pipeline of the human body, and people lose consciousness. Besides major surgery, operations such as [painless] gastrointestinal endoscopy and [painless] abortion are also [general anesthesia] yo! However, these short-term operations use short-acting narcotic drugs. Special attention should be paid after general anesthesia: All drunk drivers feel sober and have no problem driving. But it is actually very dangerous. The same is true for general anesthesia. Especially [painless] gastroscope, [painless] abortion can go home on the day of waking up, even if you feel very awake, also want to find someone to accompany, don’t drive alone or carry out dangerous work such as aerial work. And hospitalized patients must be accompanied by someone, any headache, brain fever, nausea, vomiting, palpitation and chest tightness, don’t hesitate, heartily call the bed doctor!