Beware of [iodine hyperthyroidism] caused by drugs. What should I do if it occurs?

Iodine is an important raw material for synthesizing thyroid hormone. Hyperthyroidism caused by increased iodine in the body is called [iodine-derived hyperthyroidism], or [iodine hyperthyroidism] for short.

The reasons for the increase in iodine in the body may be: long-term intake of excessive iodine-containing food, long-term or excessive use of iodine-containing drugs, etc.

Today, we will mainly talk about [iodine hyperthyroidism] caused by iodine-containing drugs.

Which drugs can cause [iodine hyperthyroidism]?

Drugs causing iodine hyperthyroidism mainly include:

    Amiodarone, 75 mg iodine per tablet; Iodine-containing vitamins, each tablet contains 0.15 mg iodine; Iodine glycerin, 15 mg iodine per tablet; Potassium iodide, 145 mg iodine per tablet; Use of radiation contrast agents, such as meglumine diatrizoate, iohexol and ioxanol.

Amiodarone is the most common drug that may cause iodine hyperthyroidism.

What if [iodine hyperthyroidism] occurs?

1. See a doctor in time and stop taking drugs immediately.

If the diagnosis is iodine hyperthyroidism, it can improve and heal itself after stopping the drug.

Drug therapy for general hyperthyroidism takes 1.5 ~ 2 years or more to cure, and once iodine hyperthyroidism is diagnosed and iodine intake is stopped, most hyperthyroidism symptoms will improve or heal themselves.

2. Suit the remedy to the case and have a definite object in view.

If symptoms of rapid heart rhythm and palpitation occur, receptor blockers, such as propranolol, may need to be used. Generally, after 2-3 weeks, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism will naturally improve after the increased thyroid hormone metabolism and excretion in blood.

If the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are severe, even antithyroid drugs need to be taken.

3. Regular review and close monitoring

No matter what the situation is, once [iodine hyperthyroidism] occurs, thyroid function needs to be closely observed. It is generally recommended to detect thyroid function every 3-4 weeks.

How to Prevent [Iodine Hyperthyroidism]?

STEP 1 Be Your Doctor

Know your past history and whether you have had thyroid diseases. If so, inform your doctor in time.

2. Regular review during medication

If you need to take such iodine-containing drugs due to your health, your thyroid function should be reviewed regularly, and the frequency of review should be once every 6 months.

3. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible if adverse reactions are found.

Understand the adverse reactions of drugs and seek medical treatment as soon as possible in case of discomfort symptoms.

4. Special circumstances

When taking amiodarone, an antiarrhythmic drug, if it is found that the drug does not work after taking the drug, one should be on guard against the occurrence of [iodine hyperthyroidism]. See a doctor in time, ask a doctor to make a definite diagnosis, and help adjust the drug.