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Can’t eat spicy, and Sichuan sister date, dinner, really need to be carefully considered. Born in the southeast coast, from snacks used to seafood, at this time I can’t mouth the fish head in front of me, because it is chopped pepper; The crab beside it can only look at the ocean and sigh, because it is spicy. [How delicious! Full of the flavor of my hometown! In my opinion, chili is a perfect match with many ingredients. Please try more. Sichuan sister ate a mouthful full of Mapo tofu, Word and talk, I breathed like blue. The smile on my face was stiff. Swallow a mouthful of chopped pepper fish head, Then he pretended to drink half a cup of sour plum soup calmly. Pepper was originally imported, Sichuan, which fell into Tianfu and gave birth to extraordinary splendor in ancient China, In the Bashu period, the seasoning tradition of “still taste” and “good spicy fragrance” was formed. However, only prickly ash, ginger, dogwood and other spices are used according to local conditions. It is speculated that Sichuan cuisine at that time, It should be [only hemp but not spicy]. At the end of the 15th century, European colonists brought back to Europe peppers originating in America in packages. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Pepper flows into China through the Silk Road or through the Strait of Malacca. The people of Tianfu met and hated it late. The 15th century-long dream of “finding her in a dream” was transformed into “seeing and seeing” three meals a day. After Guangxu, Pepper has become one of the most important seasonings in Sichuan cuisine. However, [A’s honey, Arsenic B], Sichuan sister’s longing for [cool] is my unutterable [pain]. In fact, [Pain], It is the true nature of spicy taste. The secret of “no spicy or unhappy” is that our taste buds can experience the five basic tastes of “sweet, sour, bitter, salty and fresh”. It’s not hot, The [spicy] chili comes from the capsaicin in it. This is an alkaloid containing vanilamide, The [burning sensation] it brings to our taste buds and digestive tract, Essentially pain. When our taste buds are in intimate contact with capsaicin, The brain will mistakenly think that we are [injured], and in order to comfort the [injured] body, it will release a hormone called endorphin, which will relieve our pain and make us feel happy. But over time, the brain will sooner or later realize that it has been fooled: it turns out that these people are not injured when eating chili! Then it will reduce the release of endorphins. In order to obtain the same pleasure and freshness as before, People who like spicy food will increase their intake of chili to [cheat] more endorphins. This is Sichuan people. The hotter the happier. To put it bluntly, Eating chili is a tug-of-war between capsaicin and endorphins. Capsaicin triumphed over endorphins, You will really feel the burning pain. Endorphins beat capsaicins, You will feel the joy of your heart eagerly. Spicy also gives birth to sorrow. At the same time when there is no spicy or unhappy, There are also people who are extremely sad-many people feel their stomachs growling and even diarrhea after the cool strength of chili has passed. Capsaicin receptors exist in our gastrointestinal tract. When capsaicin and capsaicin receptors [hold hands] in the gastrointestinal tract, the movement of the gastrointestinal tract will accelerate and become irregular. When the stimulus is strong, You can’t let people run to the toilet. As poop stays in the intestinal tract for less time, The absorption of water decreased accordingly, Shit will also become thinner. In this case, Capsaicin seems to be a promising [laxative]. Unfortunately, Capsaicin is not a pleasure, Many people have diarrhea when eating chili, He also endured the burning sensation of the anus solidly. This is also the result of capsaicin. When capsaicin flows out with excrement, Don’t forget to kiss the capsaicin receptor at the anus last [goodbye], Convert enthusiasm into burning sensation and transmit it to the brain. For most people, The effect of capsaicin on human receptors is this [virtue], It doesn’t mean that the anal skin is really injured, After this capsaicin action, The burning sensation was gone. However, Notably, Due to accelerated intestinal peristalsis and local vasodilation, Some hemorrhoids patients may get worse after eating a lot of chili, Causing hemorrhoids and bleeding, Over time, Some even have perianal abscesses, It’s better to eat less. Interestingly, People who can eat spicy food in life, It also seems that diarrhea and anal burning sensation are not easy to occur. This may be because under long-term spicy stimulation, The expression of capsaicin receptor was down-regulated, In this way, the gastrointestinal tract and the anal orifice, Capsaicin and receptors have less [warm embrace], The troubles of diarrhea and burning defecation have also disappeared. However, this is only speculation and there is no definite evidence. In fact, that night, looking at the Sichuan sister who swallowed chili and did not change her face, I have been choking back not to ask a question. After all, this kind of question can’t be served at the table: although spicy food is [cool], don’t you have diarrhea?