It is not recommended to shave the head when the baby is full moon.

The full moon shaves its head, In the old days, it was called “fetal hair”. In ancient times, sanitary conditions were poor, He did not dare to bathe his child during the month. Afraid there is no medicine to cure a cold, The hair can only be wiped with a towel. On the day of the full moon, Dare to take the first bath for the child seriously, and shave off the filthy and bonded hair, and carry it out cleanly to show relatives and friends. The custom has been circulating for a long time, and there will always be misunderstanding and misinformation. Some people think that the full moon must shave its head, and the full moon shaving its head can make the child’s hair thick, black and bright when it comes to adulthood. Some people think that it can prevent sores on the head. What is the truth? The full moon shaved its head, The hair of a man who cannot make his hair thick, black and bright is not static. It’s getting rid of the old and welcoming the new every day. Normal adults have to take off 75-100 hairs every day. At the same time and long new, children slightly less, but also have replacement. The growth cycle of hair is generally 2-5 years, after which it will enter the rest period and gradually shrink and fall off. The shaved head at the full moon, even if it gave birth to thicker hair, these coarse hair also naturally fell off as early as 3 to 5 years old, where does it affect the coarse and bright hair after adults? Some adult males found that, The more often you shave, The easier it is to get coarser. He took it for granted that, Full moon shaving can also make children’s hair thick, black and bright when they are adults. In fact, Whether the beard is thick and bright, It is mainly affected by androgen, Shaving is second. And shaving plays a role in it. It must also be formed through repeated stimulation of hair follicles. It has no obvious effect if it is shaved only once a year and a half. The full moon shaves its head only once. It is unrealistic to expect to have a visible impact on hair. To prevent [head sores], what you need to do is not shaving your head! [Pediatric Head Sore] is a vague general term for neonatal head skin diseases in traditional medicine. Today, We have been able to do so, depending on the cause of the disease, They are accurately subdivided into prickly heat, infantile seborrheic dermatitis and bacterial infection, And targeted prevention and treatment. 1. Prickly heat prickly heat is most common in children, Apart from the scalp, It is also good to occur in skin folds such as neck and buttocks. Prickly heat is due to sweat not easy to evaporate in humid and hot environment. Perspiration stays in the sweat gland duct and penetrates into the surrounding skin tissue. Formed by irritation. To prevent prickly heat, The most important measures are to keep the room well ventilated and wipe away sweat from children with dry towels in time. You can also properly use prickly heat powder after your child takes a bath. To keep the skin clean and dry. As long as the hair is not too thick, There is not much obstacle to the evaporation of sweat, Neck and buttocks are not covered with hair, It is also prone to prickly heat. Therefore, to prevent prickly heat, The most important thing is to let the child sweat less and dry it in time. If the child’s scalp is sweaty, Just keep short hair, It is not necessary to shave one’s head. 2. Infantile seborrheic dermatitis infantile seborrheic dermatitis is also a common skin disease. This disease is mainly caused by the immature development of infantile sebaceous glands. It is not what. It often occurs in the first month of life. There are greasy, grayish yellow scales on the scalp. A few of them join into scabs. With the growth of age, The baby’s sebaceous glands are becoming more and more perfect, With proper care, Usually around 3-4 weeks old, Will gradually improve, heal, Only a few people will have a longer course of disease. To prevent the deterioration of seborrheic dermatitis in infants, In addition to cooperating with doctors, The key to daily care is to clean frequently, Wipe off greasy dander in time. As long as the hair is not too long, Wet towels can easily wipe off dandruff, It is not necessary to shave one’s head. After the full moon, The disease usually improves naturally, In fact, shaving one’s head has not contributed to the improvement of this disease in what. 3. Improper care for seborrheic dermatitis caused by bacterial infection, It may be accompanied by Candida infection or Staphylococcus infection and lead to purulent moss, purulent humulus herpes, At this time, we must seek medical treatment in time. Let doctors choose safe antibacterial drugs for their children, In order to avoid further infection, Destroyed the hair follicles, Leaving bald spots. For most children, If the illness is not particularly serious, Antibacterial drugs can be used externally, And has a variety of dosage forms to choose from, If the child’s hair is luxuriant, The cream is inconvenient to apply, A liquid formulation may also be selecte, You don’t have to shave your head for the convenience of taking medicine. Safety First Baby’s skin is thin and tender. Sensitive to shaving stimulation, it is easy to cause local redness and even form wind clouds after shaving. Moreover, babies are often difficult to cooperate with shaving quietly. In case of twisting and struggling, ordinary razors are easy to hurt children. Perhaps some parents want to say: “Can I wait for my child to fall asleep before shaving?” ] Then let me share a story with you. There is a child in our neighborhood. When the full moon comes out, it is a “yin and yang head”. Half shaved and half hair left. Ask his mother what’s going on, Said he fell asleep and shaved his head. But after half shaving, the child woke up, Struggling not to shave again, My parents didn’t dare to continue because they were afraid of shaving. I met again a few days later. For a punk head, Only the hair in the middle, Both sides are shaved off. Don’t even ask, Must have shaved half again, The child woke up again before shaving. Pity the child for fighting so hard for self-defense, In the end, I still didn’t keep my hair. Whether for convenience or aesthetic reasons, If parents do not plan to grow hair for their children for the time being, Please choose a safe hairdresser for children. Just cut your hair short, This type of hairdresser usually has a safe positioning comb, Erected on the front of the blade of the hairdresser several centimeters, it is easy to cut the hair short and avoid the razor directly contacting the child’s skin. Even if the child touches the hairdresser during twisting, he will not be scratched. The full moon shaves his head, which not only may shave the child’s scalp, but also does not really have the effect of making the child’s adult hair thick, black and bright.