Bloody man, will how be without testosterone?

What is the relationship between male prowess and? It’s related to hormones.

You can’t see, the gym-the place where muscular men are most crowded-is full of the smell of man show hormones. Of course, that’s all, the real hormones will not be smelled, all you smell is sweat.

This [hormone] is not the same thing as the [hormone] that we usually turn pale at the smell of side effects. There are many kinds of hormones in the human body, which do their own work respectively. The following hormones are in charge of the little things of men:

    Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Prolactin (PRL) Testosterone (T)

The names of these five hormones look complicated, while others sound terrible (follicles? Corpus luteum? Prolactin? It’s really called this, not to tease you), let’s remember that they are the “Five Wars” to ensure fertility.

The focus here is testosterone.

Testosterone is an androgen secreted by male gonads (testis). Is it as if you have heard of this in athletes’ banned drugs? Yes, it can make people stronger.

It affects all aspects of men. In addition to the sexual function that everyone cares about, it will also lead to more beard and hair, more prominent Adam’s apple, less fat, more developed muscles, stronger cardiovascular system, etc. All are different from women.

Even women, excessive intake of androgen or excessive secretion of androgen caused by diseases, may also have masculine characteristics.

Therefore, testosterone is regarded as [the hormone that makes men] and has a great impact on the quality of life of men.

There is less testosterone, and the problem is not small.

Once testosterone is insufficient, the consequences will be very extensive, serious and shameful. I know you are very concerned about the last point.

So, what are the specific effects of testosterone reduction?

1, can’t have children

Without testosterone, the testis will have no power to produce sperm, and the quantity and quality of sperm will obviously decline. All these may lead to male infertility-all the seeds scattered are broken, and is it still strange that there is no nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the field?

2. No sexual desire

Testosterone can regulate sexual desire and erectile function. Failure to [stand up] is not due to insufficient attraction, but may also be a disease that needs treatment!

3, young, without androgen is more terrible

The decrease of testosterone in adolescence may bring about lifelong effects, such as developmental disorders of accessory sexual organs (epididymis, seminal vesicle gland, etc.) and loss of male secondary sexual characteristics (beard, Adam’s apple, low voice, etc.).

Do you think it is quite in line with the aesthetics of some people now? Stop it, open your mouth and take your medicine.

4. Affect metabolism

Testosterone can promote protein synthesis, inhibit protein decomposition and accelerate body growth. Testosterone also participates in the metabolism of human water and electrolyte. Testosterone can also promote hematopoiesis. If testosterone is reduced or deficient, it will lead to the following conditions:

    Muscle reduction, easy fatigue, decline in daily activities; Osteoporosis is more likely to occur; Visceral fat increases, body weight increases, and belly gets bigger and bigger. The number of red blood cells and hemoglobin levels decrease, leading to anemia.

5, the mind is not smart

Anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, thinking reaction and intelligence loss occur.

6. Harm to cardiovascular system

The increase of triglyceride and the decrease of high density lipoprotein are all easy to lead to atherosclerosis.

Testosterone is less, how to do?

People who are deeply irrigated by the [supplementary] culture will of course say: if there is less, it is necessary to make up.

But treating testosterone deficiency is a complicated medical task. It is up to doctors to decide whether, how and how much androgen should be supplemented. Androgen also has side effects, which can be very serious, such as causing some tumors.

Don’t blindly believe in supplements. Health care products are often advertised to [strengthen yang] [tonify kidney]. Apart from deception, it may also be because excessive androgen is illegally added in them, and the body is damaged by careful eating.

If there is a testosterone deficiency symptom

Go to the hospital for examination and let the doctor decide whether oral androgen supplement is needed. However, it should be noted that when elderly men supplement androgen, they should evaluate the relevant advantages and disadvantages and must carry out it under the guidance of the doctor.

If it is infertile

In addition to receiving routine semen examination, also want to accept blood neutral hormone level testing. In daily work, should pay attention to lifestyle and exercise. Once sperm abnormalities occur, should choose to a regular professional hospital for examination and diagnosis, clear etiology symptomatic treatment.

Author: Gao Ming