Bone Soup, Bird’s Nest Supplement? Don’t eat these 10 kinds of things that are always said to be [nutritious] wrong again.

I used to be curious: What exactly are the elders always saying about [nutrition]?

The conclusion is almost [more expensive] and [better looking]. (Well, I don’t think it’s wrong at all)

When I grow up now, I look back: Mom, I may have eaten all the wrong things for so many years.

Dr. Clove will take stock of it for everyone.

Is bone soup more nutritious than tofu soup?

Calcium in bones is difficult to boil into soup. There is very little calcium in soup, which may be similar to hard water with more scale.

Even if you pour a lot of vinegar into it and stew it for several hours, it is useless. Even if the bones are stewed, chewed and swallowed, it is useless.

If you want to say bone soup [tonic], the most tonic is full of fat.

Tofu soup is different. Eat tofu while drinking soup, and the ability to supplement calcium is very strong.

Is white thick soup more nutritious than clear soup?

People seem to have a natural enigmatic love for white.

However, the reason why the white thick soup is so white is basically due to the full fat.

Bone soup, fish head soup, crucian carp soup… are all the same truth. Note that this is not to say that fat has no nutrition and cannot be eaten at all, but to ask you who drank the soup:

Are you sure and sure you need so much fat?

Is chicken soup more nutritious than chicken?

Some of the chicken soup is mainly seasonings, purine and grease in the meat, while the protein in the chicken is difficult to enter the soup.

Generally speaking, the protein content in chicken soup is only 1% ~ 2%, which is much lower than that of 15% ~ 20% meat.

That is to say, the [essence] is still in the meat, not in the soup. The same is true of fish soup.

Is bird’s nest more nutritious than eggs?

Bird’s nest is actually the saliva of swallows, mixed with marine fish, algae, velvet feathers, excrement, branches, etc.

The well-known [bird’s nest acid] component (also known as [sialic acid]) only stays at the level of animal research and does not mean that it has what and health care effects on human beings.

It is true that dried bird’s nest does contain 50% protein, but the average person can eat a few grams a day (easily unable to eat), and cannot eat much nutrition.

    Compared with taste, stewed bird’s nest is far less than boiled tremella soup, and tremella is cheaper. Compared with nutrition, eating bird’s nest is far less than an egg, and eggs are cheaper.

Are native eggs more nutritious than foreign eggs?

This is really not too many times to say.

Native eggs may taste different from ordinary eggs, but their nutrition is really the same.

The output of native eggs is small and they are touted, so they are expensive to sell, but it really doesn’t mean they are more nutritious… Of course, rich people, friends who have hens, please feel free.

Is brown sugar more nutritious than white sugar?

Brown sugar and white sugar are both extracted from sugar cane.

Brown sugar is not refined and purified very much. Trace elements such as calcium, potassium and iron are slightly higher than white sugar, but it cannot have the effect of supplementing iron and blood.

If you have to be more nutritious than anyone else, it is like running faster than tortoise and snail.

No matter brown sugar or white sugar, the essence is sugar, which one to eat is not to increase the risks of half a month, dental caries, chronic diseases, etc.

Is apple skin more nutritious than apple meat?

In fact, the content of many nutrients in this skin of most fruits and potatoes is indeed higher than that in pulp.

But! The important thing is always but.

How thin the skin is, there is no advantage in quantity at all. If you hadn’t chewed out the apple skin and made three circles around the earth, you wouldn’t have eaten the difference between what.

On the contrary, on the skin of rhizomes (potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.) and fruits, there may be much more pesticide residues than pulp, which should be paid attention to.

Therefore, skin is not a must-eat treasure, peeling skin is not a pity in what.

Is fruit juice more nutritious than fruit?

[Fresh Juice] These four words have the high-level feeling of bringing fashion aura. Correspondingly, all kinds of juicers and original juicers are also selling very well.

However, the rumbling process of [juicing] has destroyed many nutrients in fruits and vegetables, but it is devastating.

Vitamin C and antioxidants will be lost a lot, dietary fiber may be thrown away as slag. Moreover, once the fruit becomes juice, it does not need to be chewed, and the rate of raising blood sugar is swishing.

If it is not that the mouth is not good, it is really not convenient to chew, nor is it that the stomach and intestines are particularly bad, there is no need to drink fruit juice, and it is better to eat fruit directly.

Is yogurt more nutritious than milk?

Yogurt milk is actually very similar.

The effect of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt on intestinal health is often talked about by people. To be honest, there is a little exaggeration. What affects intestinal health is your overall diet.

For people with lactose intolerance, drinking yogurt is indeed less likely to have diarrhea or stomachache.

However, it should be noted that compared with pure milk, yogurt, which sells the most on the market, generally adds a certain amount of sugar.

Then the more yogurt you drink, the more sugar you eat, which is slightly contrary to nutrition and health.

Is eating noodles more nutritious than eating rice?

This question, which is easy to cause ethnic conflicts between the North and the South, must be answered after careful consideration.

Some people always say that they must eat steamed bread and noodles to feel comfortable in their stomachs, while others think that eating porridge and rice is good for digestion.

In fact, it is only the body that has adapted to the long-term eating habits. Flour and rice are not very different in nutrition.

A few friends may also be allergic to protein in wheat, so they are not suitable for pasta.

If you have more [XX nutritious? It is absolutely right to choose [I have no money].