There are 10 reasons why you can’t sleep well, which one are you?

The “2017 Report on Sleep Status of Chinese Youth” released by the China Sleep Research Association shows that:

Up to 94.1% of the people did not sleep well.

40% of the people have [sleep procrastination], and the more they sleep, the later they sleep.

About 90% of people cannot leave electronic products before going to bed.

76.1% of the people have [difficulty falling asleep], can’t sleep, just can’t sleep, how can’t sleep…

If you also lose sleep after touching the pillow, then Dr. Clove tells you that the following 10 things should not be done again.

One, don’t count sheep

I also don’t know that since what, when many people can’t sleep, they learn from foreigners [one sheep, two sheep, three sheep…] to hypnotize themselves.

However, the reason why foreigners count sheep is that the English of [sleep] is similar to that of [sheep], but Chinese has nothing to do with it.

Should we Chinese count the dumplings?

Counting what doesn’t work, it will only make you more and more anxious and more difficult to sleep.

Second, don’t make the bed a bed.

Make a rule for yourself: the bed is only used for sleeping.

Don’t read books, watch TV, watch cell phones, exercise, play games, eat in bed… If you exaggerate, don’t even sit beside the bed.

To establish a strong enough connection between [bed], a sacred and inviolable territory, and [sleep].

Three, don’t play with mobile phones

If you can’t sleep (maybe you are now), put your cell phone down and throw it aside.

The world in the mobile phone is too wonderful, where are you willing to fall asleep?

    If you turn on the light to play with your mobile phone, too bright a light will only make you unable to sleep. If you turn off the lights and play with your mobile phone, the light coming out of the small screen will also control your sleepiness, make you unable to sleep, and also hurt your eyes very much.

Four, don’t drink milk

If you can’t sleep, warm a glass of milk and sleep peacefully? It is probably another urban legend from foreigners’ movies and TV plays.

If it is only less than half a cup of hot milk, then drink it, which can achieve the same effect as a cup of warm boiled water.

However, if you pour a large glass of hot milk, you may not be able to sleep even more because you are too full and too supportive, or you may have to become a big [night house] in the middle of the night.

Five, don’t drink any wine

Don’t drink when you can’t sleep, nor can red wine.

There may be many people who do feel sleepy after drinking a little wine and fall asleep while taking advantage of the strength of the wine. However, in fact, the continuous metabolism of alcohol will affect the sleep after midnight, making people sleep soon and not soundly.

If you get into the habit of drinking before going to bed, it will become more and more ineffective, and then you can only regret it.

Six, don’t always think about [can’t sleep]

If you can’t sleep, you must find a way to let yourself forget [I just can’t sleep], otherwise you will only worry.

Don’t always feel that you have problems [sleeping less]. You should know that some people are gifted [sleeping less elites]. Although you sleep less, you have no problem with your working life during the day. That’s all right.

Seven, don’t lie in bed awake

You should know that what is welcomed [with constant changes but with constant changes] is often just the same… unable to sleep.

If you can’t sleep in bed for 20-30 minutes, be decisive and leave your bed and bedroom!

Go to the living room or study to listen to some soothing music (low voice) and read some relaxing books. However, touching my conscience, it is also a good choice to prepare a book that is “sleepy as soon as it is opened”.

Be careful to leave the bed and wait until you are a little sleepy before going to bed. If you still can’t sleep, repeat the above steps after 20-30 minutes.

Don’t think this method is silly, stick to it for more than 4 weeks, and there will be surprises!

Eight, don’t take a nap

For most people, taking a nap for 15-20 minutes is beneficial and helps to restore energy.

However, if you are a friend who can’t sleep at night, you can try to sleep as little as possible during the day or stay awake. Perhaps your work efficiency during the day will change temporarily, but you will leave all your sleep at night.

Nine, don’t be afraid of sleeping pills

Of course, many people’s insomnia problems can be solved by changing their living habits, but there are indeed some patients with more serious situations who need the help of sleeping pills.

Let go of the prejudice against drugs and accept drug treatment (not just sleeping pills) under the guidance of doctors.

Ten, don’t work overtime too late

It is very, very important to finish the anxious study or work early every day and let the brain relax for a few hours before going to bed for fast sleep and improving sleep quality.