Break the misunderstanding! Three Tactics to Help You Deal with Blackheads

Some people look at their skin from a distance and their skin is white and clean. When they approach it, how do they have many black dots on their faces? Especially around the nose, nose alar and forehead, this kind of small black dot is most likely to appear, which is annoying blackhead.

How can we get rid of it? This time, let’s talk about the misunderstanding of blackheads removal and the really effective methods.

How do blackheads come into being?

The full name of blackhead is blackhead acne, and acne is probably formed as follows:

    Keratinocytes block or adhere to sebaceous glands at the mouth of hair follicles to secrete oil. Acne propionate, which is blocked in the mouth of hair follicles, is an anaerobic bacterium and can dance happily in an anoxic environment. Metabolites of Acne propionate and keratinocytes are mixed together to form sebum mixture-acne

When this sebum mixture is just formed, or if facial cleaning is done properly, acne is white or milky white, also known as white-headed acne.

The top of the sebum mixture will turn curry or even black after some oxidation reaction or dust. This is blackhead acne. If acne is further inflamed, it will become acne.

Unreliable blackhead removal methods will make pores thicker!

As a skin beauty professional doctor, I would like to advise you that the following methods and products to deal with blackheads should not be tried. Blackheads may be destroyed first if they are not cured.

1. Nasal patch for blackhead removal, scrub cream, blackhead export liquid, etc.

This kind of product has little effect, but long-term use will make pores thicker and skin more sensitive.

[Tearing] and [rubbing] are a kind of stimulation to the skin surface itself. Although the blackhead removal nose patch can [pull] out a lot of acne and relieve the hatred in my heart, it cannot improve the fundamental problems of sebaceous glands and hair follicle mouth.

2. Various folk remedies

There are also various folk remedies to deal with blackheads, such as toothpaste, baking soda, honey, salt plus milk, cooked rice…

Most of the [experts] who invented these folk remedies came from food and beverage sources. For such folk remedies, they are already lucky that there is no skin infection after use.

Three Tactics, Deal with Blackheads

Sebaceous glands secrete exuberant for a long time, will continuously promote acne production, acne metabolism is not smooth, will further aggravate pores bulky. Therefore, if blackheads are not very serious, can be prevented and improved through daily skin care, the most important two steps are cleaning and moisturizing.

Step 1 Wash your face

Thorough cleaning is helpful for the normal exfoliation of keratinocytes at the hair follicle opening. Even if sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, sebum will not be blocked as long as the hair follicle opening is unblocked, and the probability of white-headed acne and blackhead acne will be much smaller.

How is the only one who washes his face?

    Facial cleanser gently rub the whole face for 1 minute, clear water (warm water) flush 10 ~ 20 times, is the standard for washing clean. Of course, don’t clean too much, every morning and evening once a day. Can consider starting with household facial cleanser, generally 1 ~ 2 times a week. Facial cleanser should not be used at high frequency, otherwise it will damage skin stratum corneum and lead to skin sensitivity.

Step 2 Moisturize

Applying a layer of moisturizing agent to the skin will also help soften keratinocytes at the hair follicle mouth and help keratinocytes fall off better.

Myth: Some people think that sebaceous gland secretion exuberant may [be related to skin dryness, But the skin can’t secrete water, Therefore, sebaceous glands secrete oil due to the skin’s own protective mechanism]. This statement is more like a beautiful legend about sebaceous glands, because there are too many factors that will affect the exuberance of sebaceous glands secretion, such as hormone level, skin quality, sebaceous gland distribution density, eating habits, daily routine, emotional state…

However, doing a good job of moisturizing is always right to prevent and improve blackheads.

Step 3 Ask a dermatologist

If white head or blackhead acne is many and obvious, and even has caused inflammation and papules, it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Doctors have all kinds of magic weapons to remove blackheads:

    Drugs for inhibiting acne formation, such as tretinoin ointment antibacterial agents, drugs that can remove sebum, such as benzoyl peroxide external antibiotics, such as clindamycin, erythromycin and other drugs that can inhibit fungi, parasites, bacteria, selenium disulfide lotion and the like

The specific medication plan should be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

In addition to these drugs, tartaric acid and salicylic acid can also be tried to rejuvenate the skin, both of which can promote the normal metabolism and shedding of the epidermis and have the effects of stripping and dissolving acne.

However, acid brushing should also be carried out under the operation of a professional doctor, otherwise a little carelessness may cause skin burns.