Is subcutaneous implantation of contraceptive needles more effective than wearing condoms and taking medicine what?

Condoms are one of the most convenient contraceptive methods, but there are always complaints of discomfort.

Short-acting contraceptives can ensure pleasure, but they have to be taken every day and are easy to forget. Moreover, some people say that nearby pharmacies can only buy emergency contraceptives…

Sheung Wan is also an option, but after all, it is a minor operation and not everyone can accept it.

Is there a convenient and intimate contraceptive method? This time, let’s introduce the subcutaneous implantation of contraceptive needles!

Is what a contraceptive needle implanted subcutaneously?

Subcutaneous implantation of contraceptive needles is not a new [high technology] in what and was recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the 1980s.

It is a small hose with a length of about 40mm, containing a certain dose of progesterone, which is embedded under the skin of the inner side of a woman’s upper arm and can slowly release progesterone. The validity period is generally as long as three years.

The effective rate is higher than 99%!

Contraceptive needle is one of the most effective contraceptive measures at present, with an effective rate of over 99%.

Let’s put it this way, the effective rate of using condoms correctly can reach 98%, but the data show that the effective rate of using condoms in the first year is only 86%… Everyone is new and there are always mistakes.

Then why is the progesterone in this small tube so effective in contraception?

    Slowly released progesterone will make cervical secretions sticky, prevent sperm from entering the uterus, progesterone will regulate hormone levels in women’s bodies, inhibit ovarian ovulation and inhibit endometrial growth, even in the case of a particularly small probability, there is a tenacious sperm and egg meet to form a fertilized egg, also can’t take root and sprout

Generally speaking, as long as the implanted contraceptive needle works, there is no need to use other contraceptive measures at the same time ~

How is the contraceptive needle put into the body?

Contraceptive needles can be implanted at any time of the menstrual cycle. The method is somewhat similar to injection. The contraceptive needle is injected under the skin of the medial upper arm without any incision.

When it is necessary to take out the contraceptive needle, a small incision can be made on the skin after local anesthesia to take out the contraceptive needle.

When will the implanted contraceptive needle take effect?

If the contraceptive needle is implanted 5 days before menstruation, it will take effect immediately. For implantation at other times, it is recommended to use other contraceptive methods, such as condoms, within 7 days after implantation.

For women after giving birth: if implanted within 21 days after giving birth, it will take effect immediately (however, sex is not recommended for 4-6 weeks after giving birth …); Implantation after 21 days also requires other contraceptive methods to be used within 7 days after implantation.

About taking out the contraceptive needle

When does what need to take out the contraceptive needle? There are two situations: you want to take it out or it’s time.

If there are any intolerable side effects or you want to stop contraception, you can take out the contraceptive needle at any time.

In addition, the contraceptive needle must be removed for three years after implantation, otherwise hormone may continue to be released, but the released dose is uncontrollable.

How long will it take to get pregnant after taking out the contraceptive needle?

Some women worry that after taking out the contraceptive needle, whether it takes a period of time to have children. In fact, after taking out the contraceptive needle for a week, the progesterone released by the contraceptive needle in the body basically disappeared without a trace. 90% of women will resume ovulation within 3-4 weeks. As long as the ovulation is restored, they can have children.

Which women are suitable for subcutaneous implantation of contraceptive needles?

    Having a fixed sexual partner, Don’t want to be disturbed by condoms [sex-induced] contraceptive needles are valid for up to three years. Suitable for people who do not intend to have children for a long period of time, the contraceptive needle only contains progesterone, and women who are not suitable for estrogen component contraceptives can consider that women who cannot remember to take short-acting contraceptives every day can reduce the amount of menstruation by breast-feeding women’s progesterone, which is suitable for menorrhagia and even women with dysmenorrhea troubled by anemia.

Which women are not suitable for subcutaneous implantation of contraceptive needles?

    Women with irregular vaginal bleeding of unknown causes, coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke and vascular embolism have liver disease history, liver cirrhosis and liver tumor history, and women with breast tumor history

Side Effects of Subcutaneous Implantation of Contraceptive Needles

    For the first time, when the contraceptive needle is implanted, there may be itching, pain, swelling and other slight discomfort near the implantation place during the implantation period, and the menstrual cycle may be irregular or even menopause, but these changes are harmless to health and may lead to mood swings, sexual desire decline, weight gain and other intolerable side effects, and the contraceptive needle can be taken out at any time.

Finally, you also need to know:

1. Contraceptive needles cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. You must wear a condom when wearing it!

2. Some drugs may reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives, such as drugs for HIV, epilepsy, and some antibiotics. It is best to use other contraceptive methods in combination. Before deciding to use subcutaneous implantation contraception, tell the doctor which drugs you are using.