Brush teeth correctly in the morning and evening.

Brushing teeth is the basic method to maintain oral health. Proper and effective brushing can reduce bacteria in the oral cavity, remove food debris, reduce caries and gingivitis, and avoid damage to soft tissues and hard tissues of the oral cavity. There are many methods of brushing teeth, each with its own characteristics. None of them is suitable for all people.

Children are at the stage of development, and their dexterity of hands is limited, which makes it difficult to master complex brushing skills. We recommend young children to learn and master relatively simple arc brushing methods.

The main points are as follows: 1. Under the condition of closed mouth, the toothbrush enters between the outer side of the tooth and the buccal mucosa, the bristles gently contact the gingival area of the last maxillary tooth, and drag from the maxillary gingival to the mandibular gingival with faster and wider arc movements and little pressure; 2. Then the upper and lower anterior teeth contact with each other, and make continuous circular arc-shaped tremor from the upper jaw to the outer side of the lower jaw teeth. The inner side of the teeth needs to tremble back and forth separately. 3. The position of each toothbrush generally occupies the distance of 1-3 tooth surfaces, and each part should be brushed at least 5-10 times. 4. Each brushing time should not be less than 2 minutes. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and brushing your teeth before going to bed at night is more important.

It is suggested that parents can let their children brush it first and then help them check and guide it again. This can not only cultivate children’s good habits of self-oral health care, but also ensure the effect of brushing teeth.

Some children are unwilling to brush their teeth, Parents require their children to rinse their mouths instead of brushing their teeth every day, In fact, this is a mistake, because mouthwash has no mechanical cleaning effect and cannot remove plaque attached to the tooth surface, and long-term use of drug-based mouthwash may cause imbalance in the variety and quantity of bacteria in the oral cavity. For children under 2 years old, parents can wrap their fingers with clean gauze or scrub with latex finger cuffs for oral cleaning care.

Author: He Wei

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