Caesarean section also can vaginal relaxation? Let’s practice Kegel sports together.

Many mothers quietly asked Dr. Clove:

Shun will never go back after giving birth to the baby… It is said that caesarean section will not be possible?

Wait! Who said caesarean section can keep [compact]? Dr. Clove wants to correct the name of natural labor!

Where there is [life] there is [pine]

Postpartum vaginal relaxation is not only caused by the fetus passing through the birth canal.

Put this responsibility on Eva, who is also very desperate ~

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the increase of progesterone will expand the birth canal and prepare for delivery-open the way! Eva is ready to come out!

Moreover, with the continuous growth of the fetus, the weight of the uterus and placenta continues to increase, which oppresses the pelvic floor muscles of women for a long time (that is, the most critical place to keep compact ha ~), causing the pelvic floor muscles to decrease tension and deform muscle fibers, thus causing certain damage…

Who doesn’t believe it? Let him try with a big ball weighing more than 10 kg every day!

Therefore, the root cause of postpartum vaginal relaxation lies in the failure of pelvic floor muscles to recover well. No matter what kind of delivery method, this is inevitable.

Therefore, in order to avoid [loosening] and choose to get a knife, you who know the truth shed tears…

Can [Shun] or [Shun]

Caesarean section does not avoid vaginal relaxation, and as an operation, it is accompanied by risks including anesthesia, intraoperative and postoperative hemorrhage, postoperative infection and nearby organ injury.

This is more than that. Fasting and incision pain after caesarean section are too hungry to turn over and feed the baby. It is not alone who suffers.

Natural labor conforms to the natural law, not only can the baby’s lung function be exercised during the extrusion of the birth canal, nerve endings can be massaged free of charge, but also a special immune antibody can be obtained, which is not available for caesarean section [shortcut].

Moreover, there are relatively few complications after natural childbirth, so parturients can not only eat immediately, but also start breast feeding as soon as possible.

Another point is that there is no scar on the belly of a natural birth. There is no scar on the belly. You who love beauty can still hold the bikini after recovering!

Therefore, if you can give birth smoothly, don’t let your baby [take an unusual path] willfully.

Why [tight] when [loose]

Look at the advertisements of beauty salons and health centers all over the street:

Pure traditional Chinese medicine shrinks yin, safe and has no side effects! Let his beloved surprise can’t stop ~

This kind of exaggerated propaganda has fooled many women, which makes them look at vaginal relaxation very seriously, thus listening to the propaganda of merchants and sticking to [shrinking yin].

In fact, the vaginal relaxation after delivery can be gradually recovered in three months. A large part of the vagina still has normal folds, and the elasticity is only slightly reduced, which will not affect the quality of sexual life.

Therefore, don’t blindly believe in some propaganda without scientific basis! Otherwise, you may lose more than just glistening silver.

If you want to [tighten], what you should do is…

Insist on practicing Kegel’s sports

Kegel exercise can be said to be the most common and effective method to exercise pelvic floor muscles at present.

Moreover, this action is relatively easy. Simply put, it is the action of holding your urine when urinating. However, it must be done persistently to achieve results.

Generally speaking, stick to three rounds every day, each time about ten times of contraction, each time as far as possible to maintain five seconds. If you can, stick to it for more than three months, the greater the intensity of contraction, the longer the time, the better the effect.

You can also lie flat on the bed every day, put a finger into the vagina, shrink the vagina to clamp your fingers for five seconds at a time. Of course, you must remember to wash your hands and pay attention to hand hygiene. Otherwise, the vagina is not tight and vaginitis is coming…

Necessary psychological adjustment

Don’t be too persistent in a [tight], after all, it also does not have a clear judgment standard. Postpartum mothers should believe that they can still have a good sex life in the future. If the heart is really hard, you can also ask for help from a professional psychologist.

Surgical correction

If you really don’t recover well after delivery, vaginal wall bulge, organ prolapse and even incontinence occur, which affects the quality of life, then you can choose to accept [gentle knife] and correct it through perineal austerity or suspension.

At this time, I chose to have an operation. Compared with avoiding vaginal relaxation and going to caesarean section, the gold content is too high!

After all, the knife must be worth it, and the pain must be willing.