Can a small date pit be fatal? Emergency Department Doctors Teach You How to Save Yourself

Can you imagine that a small date pit can also become a murder weapon? This is not alarmist talk, emergency room doctors are familiar with this murder weapon. In the emergency department, patients with esophageal foreign bodies are common. Among them, jujube pit is a common foreign body, especially among elderly patients. Why is jujube pit easy to become the culprit? This should start from two aspects: 1. Due to our eating habits, Among the favorite eight treasures porridge and zongzi, Jujube is an indispensable food material, and jujube pit stealth among them, it is easy to be eaten by mistake. 2. The spindle shape of jujube pit makes it easy to swallow through pharynx together with other foods, but its size makes it possible to smoothly pass through pharynx, but it may not smoothly pass through esophagus, thus forming incarceration. And its two ends are pointed, it is easy to scratch esophagus. Why is it common for the elderly? The reason why elderly patients are common is related to the physiological changes of the elderly. The elderly cannot see foreign bodies clearly due to poor eyesight. Degenerative changes will occur in the mucosal epithelium of their oral cavity and pharynx, making nerve endings insensitive. The elderly also often lack teeth, chewing is difficult, not easy to remove foreign bodies. Where is the date pit easy to get stuck? The esophagus has three physiological stenosis, It is a good place for foreign body incarceration. The first stenosis is located at the beginning of esophagus. That is, the junction of pharynx and esophagus, Corresponding to the cricoid cartilage and the lower edge of the 6th cervical vertebra. The second stenosis is 7 cm below the esophageal entrance. Located at the intersection of the left main bronchus posterior to it, It is equivalent to the level between the sternum angle or the 4th and 5th thoracic vertebrae. It is formed by the aortic arch passing through its left side and the left bronchus passing through the front of the esophagus. This part is the place where foreign bodies in the esophagus are easy to remain. The third stenosis is the hiatus where the esophagus passes through the diaphragm, which hiatus is inclined upward from right to left. Which department should I go to the hospital? Generally, it is the doctor of otolaryngology or digestive department who is responsible for it. Also give everyone a reminder, that is, to go to the emergency department and try to take out the date pit within 24 hours. Is it so serious that you still need to go to the emergency department? Don’t underestimate the consequences caused by esophageal foreign bodies, If it is not taken out in time, This small foreign body may cause esophageal wall damage, ulcer, perforation, Mediastinal infection, Serious consequences such as invasion of aorta, Even life-threatening. Therefore, once suspected of esophageal foreign bodies, must be timely treatment, strive for 24 hours to take out, so as not to cause serious complications. Some old people are afraid of trouble, do not want to see a doctor, but try to gulp down rice balls, steamed buns, etc., trying to bring down foreign bodies, may cause further damage, is it not advisable. Is it not difficult for the doctor to take a date pit? As patients with date pit incarceration may have various conditions, Therefore, doctors need to judge and choose the corresponding treatment method according to the disease condition. Simple can be directly taken out through laryngoscope or gastroscope, with less damage. But it is not always so simple, especially when jujube pit is stuck in the middle of esophagus, it may be necessary to use hard laryngoscope or esophagoscope under general anesthesia to take out; When perforation occurs or large blood vessels are involved, Even need thoracic surgery to help, thoracotomy, can properly handle. A small date pit may bring us great harm inadvertently, especially the elderly should pay special attention to it. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid eating by mistake when eating. When food contains dates, bones and thorns, we should carefully remove them. Chew slowly when eating, avoid talking, distraction, etc. When catching up with special festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Laba, the elderly should be reminded to pay special attention to removing jujube pits. In case of accidental ingestion, don’t take chances and swallow blindly. You should see a doctor as soon as possible and seek professional treatment to reduce the degree of injury.