Can anti-cancer physical examination prevent cancer? Is it different from ordinary physical examination in what?

-Is the general physical examination what?

-Is cancer prevention physical examination what again?

-They are different from what, and what kind of physical examination should I have?

In my life, I have seen too many kinds of physical examinations. I have long been dazzled and do not know where to spend my money.

When it comes to physical examination, you have also had the three questions mentioned above. Looking down, you have the answer.

The first difference is that the people facing the difference are different.

Although the occurrence of cancer is not absolute, a truly reliable cancer prevention physical examination must be aimed at special groups. If there is a cancer prevention examination that can shine sunshine on everyone, then its meaning is basically-unreliable.

Cancer prevention physical examination is mainly aimed at:

    Some people in the family suffer from cancer: parents, brothers and sisters and children have cancer patients, especially the young family members when diagnosed with cancer; Bad living habits: people who smoke and drink for a long time; Suffering from certain diseases: viral hepatitis and liver cirrhosis; People infected with Helicobacter pylori and HPV (Human Papillomavirus); People of a certain age group: We will talk about it in detail below (we can pull it directly to the end).

General physical examination is mainly aimed at most healthy people and patients with chronic diseases.

The second difference is that physical examination has different purposes.

Many people will wonder: Can I check cancer after a general physical examination? Why do some people do physical examination every year and finally get cancer?

Each kind of physical examination has its own mission, which is exactly what is called [specialization in technical fields].

    Cancer Prevention Physical Examination: Excluding the Possibility of Malignant Tumor to the Maximest General physical examination: to help understand the basic physical condition, find chronic diseases or early chronic diseases, and give some suggestions on lifestyle and eating habits.

The third difference is that the inspection frequency is different.

No matter whether it is a school or a normal company, there is a full physical examination every year, right?

This is the frequency of general physical examination recommendations: once a year.

However, the frequency of cancer prevention physical examination cannot be generalized. Different people need to do different examination items, and the time naturally varies.

For example, some endoscopic examinations are invasive examinations, and X-ray and CT examinations have certain radiation, so it is not recommended to examine too frequently.

How often do you do it? The doctor will give you advice according to your situation.

Does ordinary physical examination include what?

I often hear people ask: Doctor, I have had XX examination. Is this a common examination?

This is a brief talk about what items are included in the general physical examination. If you feel a little too many and difficult to remember, you can collect them first. If you want to know about them, you can take them out and have a look. It is not necessary to remember them.

    Internal and surgical examination: see if there is hypertension, etc. Blood, urine and feces are three routine procedures: to evaluate whether there is anemia; Blood sugar, blood lipid, liver and kidney function: evaluate whether there is hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia; Chest radiograph: Assess whether there are large lung lesions (such as pneumonia and tuberculosis) and rib conditions; Electrocardiogram: Evaluation of Basic Cardiac Function; Ophthalmic examination, otolaryngology examination.

Of course, this is only an item that will be basically involved in ordinary physical examination. Some physical examinations will be more comprehensive, such as two-and-a-half examinations of hepatitis B to assess the presence or absence of hepatitis B.

How’s Cancer Prevention Physical Examination Is Reliable?

-Can anti-cancer physical examination prevent cancer?

No, cancer prevention physical examination is only an examination to find the early signs of [some] cancers, so as to achieve [early detection and early treatment].

-Can all cancers be found in cancer prevention physical examination?

No, the existing medical methods can only find some early cancers.

The world’s recognized effective cancer screening programs include cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening and colorectal cancer screening. As long as the healthy population meets the screening criteria, participating in these cancer screening can prevent accidents before they occur.

In addition, some high-risk groups such as lung cancer and gastric cancer can also carry out corresponding cancer screening to realize early detection and treatment.

What should I do if there is a problem with the inspection?

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If there is something wrong with your body, I sincerely suggest that you go to the corresponding department for medical treatment, listen to what professional doctors say, and stand up from where you fall.