Can calcium supplement cause [placental aging]?

Can calcium supplement cause [placental aging]?

Calcium supplement will not cause placental aging.

We all know that the mother and the fetus are connected by the umbilical cord and the placenta.

The mother transports all kinds of nutrients and oxygen needed by the baby to the fetus through the placenta, and all kinds of metabolic wastes generated by the fetus are also transported to the mother through the placenta and then discharged by the mother.

When the placenta is aging, the elasticity of the placenta’s blood vessels will decrease or even lose elasticity, the blood vessels will harden, the lumen will be narrow or even occluded, etc. These changes will affect the mother to transport oxygen and nutrients to the fetus through blood. The blood supply of the fetus is reduced, resulting in fetal hypoxia and amniotic fluid reduction.

Placental aging mainly refers to the aging of blood vessels on the placenta, which is similar to the aging phenomenon of blood vessels of the elderly who are older. It is a natural stage during the growth and development of the placenta. It has no relationship with calcium supplement, but is related to the development of the placenta itself..Of course, there are also some pregnant women whose placental function has not aged even after the expiration of the pregnancy.

However, changes in placental function need to be understood through ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring.

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