How to do leg cramps during pregnancy?

When pregnancy enters the middle and late stages, many expectant mothers will suffer from leg cramps.

Why is it easy to have leg cramps in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy?

The cause of leg cramps in the second and third trimester of pregnancy is still unclear, but studies have shown that symptoms of leg cramps may occur when calcium deficiency and phosphorus increase in blood.

How should leg cramp be relieved?

Some claims that calcium, magnesium or B vitamins and vitamin C supplements can relieve leg cramps have not been clearly confirmed.

Whether oral administration of these nutritional supplements can relieve leg cramps needs further research to determine.

However, pregnant women’s demand for calcium increases during pregnancy, and routine calcium supplement is still needed.

If leg cramps occur during pregnancy, you can try the following methods to relieve them:

    Straighten one’s legs; Bend the cramped foot so that the ankles and toes are upward (toward the head); Massage the affected leg; Walk around and stretch your calves; You can consider eating some magnesium-rich foods, such as grains, beans, dried fruits and nuts. Hot shower, warm water bath, ice massage or muscle massage may also be helpful.

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