Can girdle help parturient discharge lochia and tuck in thin belly?

After ten months of body distortion, skin deterioration, perhaps a scar on the stomach, unspeakable hemorrhoids…

After the successful unloading, the new mothers can’t wait to know the shortcut to a quick recovery after delivery.

If there is demand, there must be supply. The sales volume of all kinds of postpartum recovery products on shopping websites is still high. For example, girdle is one of them.

Some businessmen claim that after caesarean section, doctors will also require the use of [girdle], which can not only prevent visceral prolapse, help lochia discharge, but also restore the body of thin belly… It is an artifact!

But is it really so magical?

Abdominal band ≠ medical abdominal band

Abdominal strap, look at the name to know is tied to the abdomen strap, doctors do let some people use.

However, the hospital uses [medical abdominal belt] for parturients, which belongs to [medical devices] and has strict design specifications and scope of use, and not every parturient undergoing caesarean section needs to use it.

General doctors will only use abdominal belts for patients under special circumstances, such as abdominal incision dehiscence, rectus abdominis separation, etc. Ordinary parturients do not need to use abdominal belts routinely.

Binding the abdomen is to fix, avoid pulling the wound due to physical activity, which is helpful for wound healing and relieves pain. Moreover, the abdominal band does not need to be tied all the time. Usually, the wound has stitches removed, and it does not need to be used again after the situation is stable.

However, what people usually buy is only [clothing products] with abdominal tucking effect, which are generally not produced according to the design specifications of medical devices. Ordinary merchants without relevant qualifications can produce and sell them themselves. Therefore, there are essential differences between the two kinds of abdominal belts.

Think about it and know that there are so many so-called girdle belts sold online, do you think they are designed and produced in a standardized way?

It is harmful to use the wrong girdle.

More importantly, the wrong use of the girdle is not good for your health.

Because the pressure of the girdle should be appropriate. The tie is too loose to play a fixing role. Too tight a tie will not only hinder breathing, but also cause abdominal pressure to be too high and affect normal blood flow, so professional medical personnel are generally required to operate or guide the use.

In this way, it is very difficult to achieve medical effect with girdle. ()

Abdominal band need not be routinely used

As we said earlier, abdominal bands can only be used under the guidance of doctors if there is a need to protect wounds and reduce discomfort.

Is it necessary to use it after delivery? Will it produce magical effects?

    Prevention of visceral prolapse? False

Under normal circumstances, whether it is natural delivery or caesarean section, after the baby is born, the mother’s internal organs will slowly return to their original positions.

This process will happen, sooner or later, whether the girdle is used or not.

Some people may be more serious after delivery or will not recover for a long time, so they should also cooperate with various exercises to recover faster. ()

There is not a saying that [all the laziness stolen will become a slap in the face]…

    Help lochia excrete? False

After the child is born, as the decidua of the uterus falls off, mixed tissues such as blood and necrotic decidua will be discharged from the vagina. These secretions are called [lochia]. This is the normal physiological process of gradual recovery of the uterus. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for lochia to be completely clean.

No matter whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, this process will happen, and it is a good thing. Everything happens in a process, and the discharge of lochia after delivery is the same, so don’t always think about ending ahead of schedule.

For cesarean section, lochia usually lasts longer than normal delivery, but even if the girdle is used, this time will not change much.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, too tight a girdle will lead to too much abdominal pressure, which will affect normal blood flow (don’t think it is good to tighten the effect …). If it is not used properly, it will not be conducive to lochia discharge, so it is better not to expect girdle to help discharge lochia, and don’t toss and turn in normal life.

    Recovery and belly reduction? False

The girdle is not a [body-shaping garment], and the body-shaping effect of the [body-shaping garment] is only a [visual effect] achieved by tightening the abdomen. After loosening, the place that should be fat will still be so fat. (Forgive me for telling the truth…)

In fact, the effective way to recover after delivery is very simple, that is, breast feeding + more exercise.

Many mothers will lose a lot of weight after breast-feeding for a period of time. Combined with scientific exercise, it is not a dream to restore beauty and health.

If you can do it too, you don’t have to envy those stars who are no different from those who are born and those who are born.

What do I want to do with it?

If you have a caesarean section and feel that you really feel more comfortable physically and mentally after being tied up, it doesn’t matter if you use it. Just don’t hold what’s unrealistic expectations.

Please pay attention to the following 3 points when using:

    First, don’t tie it too tightly, don’t hinder breathing and normal activities. Second, don’t tie it too long. If you use it during the day, you can take it off when you sleep. In addition, if the abdominal wound is stable, you don’t need to continue to use it. Third, be careful about the material. If you have red, swollen, itchy and other allergic phenomena after touching the skin, you must stop using it.

In short, it is not to say that the girdle must not be used, but to tell everyone that the girdle has no magical effect.

As long as scientific methods are used, postpartum recovery can still be smooth and beneficial, and you will be given some reliable postpartum slimming plans:

    Postpartum recovery is no longer difficult. It is easy to learn how to be a hot mom’s seven confinement children, which will help you to quickly recover your second child after delivery. Is it true that how to scientifically slim down after delivery and exercise before nursing will cause milk to turn sour? Obstetricians tell you how to control your weight best after giving birth.