Can how save money by buying clothes for his baby?

In the years when the baby was born, it grew too fast. The new clothes just bought last autumn will not be worn in the spring of next year.

Buy it! Baby’s clothes can’t be bought tightly.

Although it is a good thing that the baby grows fast, it is also a big expense. However, I have also bought some experience to save money. Let’s take a look at how I saved money on my baby’s clothes.

It is best to buy a bigger size.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that when buying clothes for newborns, buy a slightly larger size.

For example, if the clothes are marked suitable for babies aged 3-6 months, then we can buy them for babies aged 3 months. When the baby is 6 months old, we can give him clothes that are suitable for the baby of 6-9 months old.

This is because buying small clothes may make the baby not breathe smoothly.

However, don’t buy too big, just one size. If the clothes are too big, it will not be convenient for the baby to move normally and there may be potential safety hazards.

There are tricks to shopping clothes online.

Take a closer look at the dimensions

Want to give the baby a suit of suitable clothes, the best way must be to take the baby to the mall to try it on. However, due to the limited time (gold) room (money), many mothers prefer to buy directly from the Internet. Although this is very convenient, it is best to carefully compare the body shape of the child and buy clothes according to the size.

Buy the same brand of clothes

When I buy my own online, I always like to buy the same brand of clothes for my children. Because of the different brands of clothes, the size is mostly too different, and there is a problem of being too big and too small. And a brand of clothes can know whether it fits or not after buying several times. After all, the size of the clothes bought is not suitable and quite troublesome, sometimes it will also cause waste.

Don’t be greedy for petty gain

In addition to some luxury brands of children’s clothing, most clothes are still a penny, a penny. Some cheap clothes look good when they are bought back, but they may be worn out and deformed within a few times. It is not necessary to buy them again. At first glance, it saves money, but in fact it is quite expensive.

This is the real province to buy.

Don’t buy too much, only the basic money.

It is a woman’s nature to like buying in buy buy. What’s more, which mother doesn’t like her children to wear new clothes? The baby is so cute that it must be beautiful! However, if you make a good plan in advance, don’t buy too many clothes with similar functions, only buy some basic styles, you won’t have to eat dirt.

For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that it is basically enough to prepare 3-4 pajamas, 6-8 T-shirts, 3 sleeping bags, 2 sweaters, 2 hats and 4 pairs of socks for newborn babies.

Say [No] to Marketing Traps

Of course, activities like the “Double Eleven” or the big sales promotion in the shopping mall sometimes look like they don’t need money, which really makes people uncontrollable. However, in this way, the merchant makes you feel that the goal of “buying is earning” has been achieved.

Let’s calculate the bill first. For example, if you buy a dress with a price of 100 yuan but a 30% discount, you seem to save 70 yuan, but in fact you still pay 30 yuan more. This is why it seems to be very economical but still costs a lot of money.

So, the next time Buy Buy buys it, it’s best to see what what can use before deciding.

Of course, old clothes are the most economical.

Old clothes are more comfortable

Old people always say that children wearing [100-family clothes] are healthy, but there is actually a reason. Generally speaking, the clothes worn by brothers and sisters have been washed many times and there is little formaldehyde left on them. Moreover, these clothes are really softer and more comfortable than new clothes.

Change clothes with skillful hands

In the picture book < < Grandpa must have a way > >, as the little boy grew up, Grandpa transformed his blanket into a coat, the coat into a coat, the coat into a vest, the vest into a tie, the tie into a handkerchief, and finally the handkerchief was changed into buttons. It’s really amazing.

Clever parents may as well try to transform their old clothes when they are free. In the process of doing things together, children can not only learn the virtues of environmental protection and economy, but also enjoy parent-child time.

But the most important thing is that old clothes are the most economical.

Of course, if you really have no resistance to lovely clothes, you like to buy them for your child. As long as the baby wears the right clothes, then… be happy.