Can I dye my hair when I am pregnant?

1. 我怀孕三个月了, 想染头发改变一下造型, 会对宝宝有伤害么?

It is not absolutely forbidden for pregnant women to dye their hair. But it can be exempted. It is best for pregnant women to dye their hair until after 3 months of pregnancy. Because the fetus in early pregnancy is relatively fragile, Vulnerable to harmful substances. In addition, There is also a risk of allergy to hair dye. King’s sister-in-law Kun Ling said, She used plant hair dye, So let fans not worry about the safety of the fetus. But in fact, the so-called plant hair dye (such as Haina flower) in China, In order to keep the color of dyed hair as long as possible, most of them are added with compounds, which are not necessarily [pure plants], and even pure plant hair dye is not necessarily safe. Special attention should be paid to the following points when dyeing hair during pregnancy: 1. Attention should be paid to the selection of air circulation places; 2. Hair dye should be cleaned off in time; 3. Clean the scalp in particular, because harmful substances will penetrate into the human body through the scalp; 4. Consider changing to highlighting, with less hair dye and not starting from the hair root. If you are interested in learning how hair dye works and more about beauty safety, please click on the following article: Hair Dyeing: How Beauty and Safety Coexist?