Can I not wear a condom when I am pregnant?

Some readers asked Dr. Clove:

It is said that if you are pregnant, you will not ovulate, so you will not need [contraception], so you will not need to wear condoms when you are pregnant?

Indeed, contraception is no longer needed during pregnancy. Is condom still necessary?

It is up to both parties to love and not wear condoms during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the precious mothers will not ovulate, so they do not need contraception. If the precious fathers think that they can [liberate Penis] and go into battle in a vacuum, it is theoretically possible.

However, there is a premise: make sure there are no sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

This is the time to test the feelings of both parties: if it is determined that there are no sexually transmitted diseases before pregnancy and they are clean after pregnancy, both parties have the final say on whether to wear them or not.

Precautions for Pregnancy

1. Position is important

During pregnancy, it is very important not to oppress the abdomen of the pregnant mother.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the general posture is acceptable, while in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger. Compression of the abdomen may cause discomfort and abdominal pain of the pregnant mother, and even more serious may lead to placental abruption or premature rupture of membranes, which requires special attention.

Generally, cuddling position, female upper position and backward position are commonly used and recommended. These positions will not oppress the abdomen, and can help women relax and enjoy intimate contact during pregnancy.

Dr. Clove is so considerate that he has prepared a schematic diagram for everyone. Oh, learn it quickly! Do you know these postures during pregnancy?

2. Keep in mind hygiene

Hygiene is such an important thing that it is worth emphasizing countless times. Many parents-to-be only pay attention to cleaning sexual organs, but they do not realize that intimate caresses in sexual life may also cause infection from unclean hands.

If you don’t pay attention to washing your hands, long nails are all hotbeds for bacteria to breed. If you don’t pay attention to them, they will go to other places through your hands. Too long nails may even scratch the vaginal wall and cause bleeding.

3. Gentleness is a necessity

If he is kicked out of bed by his wife when he loves, the husband should reflect on whether he is [overexerting]: [gentle] is the just need of love during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, many women’s nipples and vaginal walls are very sensitive, so excessive stimulation must be avoided! If the wife really shows dislike and discomfort, then stop quickly.

It is not necessary to be passionate. A warm look, a loving embrace and a gentle touch can satisfy her.

4. Brake when the brake is needed

Old drivers must understand that driving is risky. If the pregnant mother has red light signals such as bleeding and abdominal pain, please brake immediately!

In addition, pregnant women with chronic diseases before pregnancy, pregnancy-induced hypertension or other complications during pregnancy, habitual abortion or premature delivery, or placenta previa are really not suitable to start again ~