Why is the barbecue so delicious? It is mainly because of these four points

Starting from the primitive society, our ancestors inadvertently lit a fire and cooked a piece of meat, and were deeply fascinated by the cooking of barbecue.

Human beings are evolving, and barbecue has also evolved into a roll. Love to eat or so love to eat.

Even if the fat all over the body trembles, it will not stop this love for barbecue.

Why on earth is such great charm? Today, Dr. Clove will talk about this topic.

Why is the barbecue so delicious?

At the thought of barbecue, my mind is full of the word “fragrance”.

This kind of fragrance not only stays on the sense of smell and lingers, but also tastes delicious.

Olfactory fragrance originates from Maillard reaction between amino acids and sugar, while taste fragrance is the combined action of fat, phospholipids and amino acids.

Although fat is ugly, people do have a pair of soul hands that make food more delicious.

In addition, the added seasonings also play an important role in stimulating appetite. Typical representatives are cumin and chili.

Why is mutton so sour?

In barbecue, mutton is the least frequently absent. Many people [talk about sheep discoloration] because of the smell of mutton.

In fact, not all mutton has the smell of mutton.

For example, the smell of mutton in small-tailed Han sheep is heavier than that in ordinary sheep, the smell of mutton in rams is heavier than that in ewes, and the smell of mutton in adult sheep is heavier than that in lambs…

The reason why sheep have the smell of mutton is that some studies believe that the smell of mutton mainly comes from several special organic acids in mutton. However, in the fat of sheep tail, subcutaneous and muscle space and in the secretion of sheep sebaceous gland, this substance content is more, so the smell of mutton in these parts is usually heavier.

Therefore, friends who hate this smell should avoid these parts next time.

Why is cumin so fragrant?

Cumin is born with a fragrance, which will become stronger and stronger when heated by oil or high temperature.

As long as you bake it long enough, basically your meat skewers are full of this taste. Cumin is professional in removing fishy smell and smell.

In addition, cumin is also beneficial to sterilization and antioxidation, and is also helpful to human body.

Spicy, really cool

Spicy, in fact, is a kind of pain.

Spicy stimulates taste buds and produces pain, and the brain will release an addictive substance called endorphin, which can produce a pleasant sensation to suppress the pain, making people painful and happy.

Therefore, the more people eat, the more spicy they will be. They will not be happy with spicy food. They will take the road of no return to spicy food.

What is the difference between Korean barbecue and carbon barbecue?

Korean barbecue is what we usually bake on a heat-conducting iron plate, while carbon barbecue is what we set up a small stove to bake happily.

When the temperature exceeds 200 degrees, barbecue may produce carcinogens. The higher the temperature, the more carcinogens will be produced.

Therefore, in terms of health, Korean barbecue with controllable temperature is better than open flame barbecue.

However, it does not mean that you can eat Korean barbecue freely.

Many barbecues will be pickled in advance, and nitrite and other substances harmful to the body will also be produced during the pickling process.

Although it is not to say that eating barbecue will definitely cause cancer, it must be bad to eat more.