Can massage really enlarge breasts? Isn’t this the rhythm of touching which fat… … …

There are always [a Ma Pingchuan] girls who complain that their breasts are too small, and there are always people who quip that it would be nice if you had a boyfriend.

Although this is a joke, in reality more and more people believe that massage can enlarge breasts, relieve various breast discomfort and even treat diseases.

However, is breast massage really that magical?

Can massage enlarge breasts?

Why do you believe that the chest can be touched bigger and bigger, while the face can be touched smaller and smaller?

In fact, the size of the breast is mainly determined by two parts of tissue: glands and adipose tissue.

Gland development will generally experience two peaks, one is in puberty, the other is during pregnancy and lactation. Among them, puberty is an important period of female breast shape changes, and the development at this stage determines the basic size of the breast.

There are many factors that affect the size of the breast itself, mainly related to race, heredity and individual growth and development:

    Ethnic influence: European and American women have plump bodies and low breast density, so their breasts are fuller, softer and feel good. Genetic factors: If the mother’s chest is relatively flat, it will often be passed on to her daughter. Some women are slim but have proud breasts. To a certain extent, they should also thank her mother. Individual growth and development: Nutritional diet during youth development, and even some diseases at this stage will affect breast development.

In short, it is [basic destiny].

Of course, it is not ruled out here that the breast may change a little during a special physiological period, but it is hoped that the breast will become bigger after a few massages… This has never been confirmed by various studies of traditional Chinese and western medicine at home and abroad.

So, will massage make breast fat more?


If we really massage where there is more fat, then we have to be more alert to the beautician’s hands. It is terrible to feel where there is fat.

It must be admitted that most people are willing to grow fat on their breasts, but some people are willing to grow fat on their breasts. No!

Why can’t you accept your microemulsion life calmly?

At this time, someone may ask:

But after I went to the beauty salon and pressed it, my chest seemed to have really grown bigger… … …

What Dr. Clove wants to tell you is that if the purpose of breast enlargement can be achieved through massage, then many beauty salons use some external breast enlargement products, and this product does not know that what’s mess is added to it. Do we really need to use it…

Can massage treat hyperplasia of mammary glands?

Now many beauty salons claim that breast massage can treat hyperplasia of mammary glands, fibroadenoma of mammary glands and help lymph detoxify. It is really omnipotent and strikes directly at the hearts of the people.

1. Hyperplasia of mammary glands: The root of hyperplasia is not in the mammary glands. Is massage used for what?

In fact, hyperplasia, as one of the most common benign diseases in women, is related to periodic hormone changes.

Our endocrine system is affected by many factors such as emotion and diet, and then the ovary and brain jointly complete the complicated hormone change process. The breast is only the final executor, that is to say, it does not participate in the main hormone synthesis.

Therefore, it is far-fetched to regulate endocrine by massaging the breast to achieve the effect of curing diseases and defending oneself.

2. Breast fibroadenoma: Be careful to metastasize cancer cells…

For the already formed breast fibroadenoma, no matter how you massage it, the lump cannot disappear out of thin air.

More importantly, there is still the possibility of malignant tumor without qualitative mass, and blind violent compression may cause cancer cell metastasis.

So seeing here, perhaps you already understand that massage has no therapeutic effect on any breast disease.

If you really feel that the pain has been relieved by massage, it only shows that massage is very effective as a psychological comfort method.

No massage, no milk?


Now it seems that the milk massage by the monthly sister-in-law or the milk maker has become a ceremony, and more and more mothers are willing to accept it. But can breast milk really not be opened?

In fact, the production of milk has its own rules, and the amount of milk will gradually increase 72 hours after delivery. However, the massage method of physiological milk swelling must be strictly trained. The mixed milk massage sometimes makes mothers feel that milk opening is more painful than giving birth, and even damages breast tissue.

What is more serious is that when mastitis forms abscess, improper massage will cause inflammation and abscess spread, and finally have to be at the cost of surgical incision pus discharge and weaning.

Of course! This is not to say that all breast massages are meaningless…

It is suitable for a few cases of breast massage.

If breast-feeding mothers suffer from physiological milk swelling, they can complete massage by themselves under the guidance of professionals (such as international lactation consultants who have completed strict training).

If breast augmentation surgery is performed, the surgical complications (such as capsular contracture) can also be prevented to a certain extent through professional massage.

In addition, many foreign literatures also show that breast massage plays a certain role in improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients after surgery, relieving emotions and treating cancer-related complications.


It has little to do with the treatment of cancer itself. At the same time, many studies have stressed that massage is only one of many support methods and requires trained professionals to operate it.

In addition, breast massage is useless.

What Dr. Clove wants to emphasize is:

    Breast massage is only applicable to a few situations, and is not a kind of essential oil. Massage needs to be operated by professionals with medical background, otherwise it is easy to be self-defeating and harmful to health. When there is any discomfort in the breast, seeking help from a professional doctor is the first choice. Breast massage in beauty salons should never be on your help list.