Can orthodontic teeth loosen teeth?

Orthodontic treatment is one of the few immediate and significant health investments. Standardized orthodontic treatment can make teeth and face look better. It is also beneficial to the health of the whole oral cavity, but there are still many people who hesitate between [correct] and [improper] and dare not take this last step. The most frequently asked question we heard when we were consulted by patients was: “If you correct your teeth now, will your teeth loosen early and fall fast in the future?” ] There is no need to worry about this. As long as you receive regular treatment, Orthodontic teeth do not loosen teeth. Patients are worried because they do not know enough about orthodontics. Today, let’s talk about whether orthodontic teeth will loosen or not. Firmly rooted teeth have a certain degree of mobility. A big tree grows in the ground. Can withstand the wind and rain without falling, Because the roots are buried deep in the ground, The same is true of teeth. What we usually see is only the exposed part of the teeth-the crown of the tooth. There is also a long root buried in the alveolar bone. It is precisely because the alveolar bone well wraps and supports the teeth. Only then can the teeth be fixed, Can bite food. But the teeth are not absolutely motionless. In fact, There is also a layer of periodontal membrane mainly composed of collagen fibers between the root and alveolar bone. These tissues that wrap teeth have certain elasticity and yieldability. To cushion chewing pressure, To protect the teeth from trauma. This very slight movement is called the “physiological mobility” of the teeth. Whether or not orthodontic treatment exists. Some patients have orthodontic teeth, Using your fingers to shake your teeth, you found very slight movement. It is believed that the teeth are loose, which is mostly psychological. Since the orthodontic teeth are constantly [modified] to achieve the magical effect of moving the teeth, since the teeth grow firmly in the alveolar bone, will moving the teeth by external force destroy the alveolar bone wrapping the root of the teeth, causing the teeth to loosen or even fall off? No, the alveolar bone wrapping the root has the ability to rebuild for life. If you go to orthodontic, If the doctor wants to move one of your teeth to the left a little, then the doctor will exert a force to move the tooth to the left through orthodontic devices (such as metal brackets and steel wires). After feeling the external force, the alveolar bone on the left side of the root will be gradually absorbed, and the tooth will have a gap to move to the left. After the tooth moves, it will leave a little space on the right side, and the body will immediately grow new alveolar bone to fill the extra space. After the reconstruction cycle is completed, the tooth is still tightly surrounded by alveolar bone, leaving no space, but the position has changed, isn’t it amazing? Of course, this process cannot be completed in a day or two. A [reconstruction] usually takes 4-6 weeks. This is also why orthodontics usually require a follow-up visit every 4-6 weeks. In order to ensure that there is enough time for periodontal tissues such as alveolar bone to complete such remodeling, The doctor will make further adjustments for you. The distance and direction of tooth movement in each cycle are controlled by the doctor. In this way, the teeth move slowly and steadily in each cycle, Eventually reaching the target position. The loosening of the teeth during orthodontic orthodontics is only a temporary position where the teeth need to move. Looseness in this process is inevitable, But it is also temporary. When the teeth move, Continuous absorption and formation of alveolar bone and corresponding gingival tissue, Before alveolar bone remodeling is completed and the gap is filled, Mild tooth loosening is a normal reaction, There will also be corresponding acid swelling discomfort, chewing weakness and other conditions. These phenomena will gradually disappear during the treatment process. After orthodontic treatment is completed, all teeth will be completely wrapped by alveolar bone again, It won’t loosen. Of course, The ability of alveolar bone remodeling is closely related to the patient’s general condition and local oral condition. Doctors need to accurately assess whether the patient’s periodontal tissue is capable of coping with the external force exerted by orthodontics before treatment starts. Decades later, tooth loosening has nothing to do with orthodontic teeth. Studies have shown that, People who received orthodontic treatment when they were young were more likely to have problems such as tooth loosening and falling off in the elderly than people who did not receive orthodontic treatment. There is no difference. Orthodontic treatment has solved the problems of tooth congestion and so on. It is beneficial to the maintenance of oral hygiene, It is beneficial and harmless to periodontal health. At the same time, In the course of orthodontic treatment, Patients have increased their understanding of their teeth, and cultivating good oral maintenance habits is of great benefit to dental health. To some extent, this can slow down the loss of teeth during aging. In old age, With the atrophy and absorption of periodontal supporting tissues such as alveolar bone wrapping teeth, Most people’s teeth will gradually loosen and fall off. This is related to the lack of good oral maintenance awareness and sufficient medical resources in the Chinese people. It is the common goal of all stomatologists, including orthodontists, to keep more healthy teeth for the elderly. Irregular orthodontics may indeed cause tooth loosening in standard orthodontic treatment. The speed and direction of tooth movement are controlled within the physiological tolerable range, Therefore, the teeth will not loosen or fall off irreversibly. However, if the treatment is not standardized, For example, too much extra force, too frequent follow-up visits, Beyond alveolar bone remodeling, It may indeed cause irreversible tooth loosening. Before starting orthodontic treatment, Friends must keep their eyes open, Don’t covet cheap and choose unreliable medical institutions, Attention should also be paid to whether doctors have professional background in orthodontics. Summary Regular orthodontic treatment includes detailed pre-treatment examination and evaluation, reasonable scheme design, detailed control during treatment, etc. It can satisfy everyone’s pursuit of beauty and health at the same time. Therefore, if you find a reliable doctor in a reliable hospital or clinic, you can safely give your teeth to the doctor. The worry that orthodontic teeth will loosen your teeth is unnecessary.