Novice dad, don’t panic, 6 moves to help you get rid of crying baby

Taking care of the baby is not only the mother’s job, but also the father must take part in it. For many new treasure dads, there is such a question, how to deal with the crying baby? The answer is that treasure dads need to pay more patience.

Why does the baby cry?

Before the baby could speak, Crying is the most important way for them to communicate with the world. As the baby grows up, treasure parents will slowly know what the baby wants to express in every cry. However, many novice parents will feel that the baby’s cries are no different from what’s. The following is what the baby may want to express when crying: urinating; Be hungry; Want to hug; I want my parents to come and have a look. Everyone stared at me. Feel pain; Want to sleep; Wake up (want to get up); Want to poop; Feel uncomfortable (too cold, too hot, too tight). Should Bao Pa be what? Hearing the cry, Act Now: When the baby started crying, If you want your baby to be quiet, Bao Dad should pull up the [alarm] in his heart: First pick up the baby, Or close to the baby, Let the baby see the father’s face, Knowing that dad was around. At the same time, Hum a song for the baby, Talk to the baby, This builds the baby’s trust in his father. Once trust is established, The sense of security will follow, and it will be much easier to comfort the baby. Pay attention to the baby’s eating, drinking and scattering: when you hear the baby crying, you should also check whether the baby is wet and needs to change diapers. When checking diapers, you should pay attention to the baby’s buttocks for diaper rash. Or is the belt on the diaper too tight for the baby? Otherwise, it will also make the baby uncomfortable, And then burst into tears. If it’s been some time since the last meal, It may be that the baby is hungry, Take the baby directly to the mother, Or just prepare the bottle. And if the examination finds that the baby is crying because the temperature is not suitable, Like too hot or too cold, Attention should be paid to increasing or decreasing the quilt cover for the baby. Move: Many parents may want to save labor, Like to sit down and tease the baby. In fact, when you gently shake the baby, This can imitate the feeling of the baby in the mother’s womb, So as to give the baby a sense of security. Naturally, Even if the baby is crying, It is also possible to be quiet. Make some noise: When the baby cries, make a monotonous sound, such as turning on the tape recorder to play in a low voice, or turning on the electric fan, which can make the baby quiet. Put the baby down: If you find the baby crying because he is tired or too excited, you can leave the baby alone for a while to calm the baby. If Baopa feels nervous and tired in the face of crying babies, Still can’t handle the baby, You should turn to Baoma for help. This is the safe way to do it. Don’t shake your baby hard: Sometimes parents are too mad about the baby’s crying, so they pick up the baby and shake it hard to try to calm the baby down. This is extremely dangerous. The baby’s neck cannot support his head. If you do this, you may damage the baby’s spinal cord and brain. When you cry to what, it is the end? Different babies cry for different periods of time, but each baby basically has its own rhythm. What you should pay attention to is, does the baby cry longer than usual? In addition, there is also a common standard. If the baby cries for more than two hours and there is no tendency to stop crying, then you need to see a doctor. Baopa, it is not difficult to get rid of the baby, as long as you are patient and skillful. You will definitely turn this [crying baby] around you into a [good baby].