Can sharing slippers infect beriberi? Repeated attacks of beriberi, can it be cured?

Lao Wang had a mishap some time ago, and his feet began to itch after he came back. When he picked up his feet and looked closely, he found that the dead skin on his heel became thicker and desquamated. There were also a few small red pimples distributed in the middle, and the skin between his toes was also desquamated. Bad, Lao Wang thought, this is beriberi.

Lao Wang took time to go to a nearby hospital. The doctor said that the problem was not serious and prescribed some ointment. Lao Wang was relieved, but he still had some doubts.

Where did I get my beriberi?

The scientific name of beriberi is tinea pedis, which is the most common superficial fungal infection of skin, mostly caused by Trichophyton rubrum.

Trichophyton rubrum does not require high living environment and is very happy with the situation. It is widely distributed all over the world and attached to various daily necessities. Among them, shoes and socks that have the most contact with feet are the daily necessities that are most often accompanied by Trichophyton rubrum.

A tinea pedis patient wears public slippers barefoot, and the slippers are often contaminated with tinea bacteria. If the slippers are not disinfected and are worn by a second person, then the second person may be infected with beriberi.

This is also why in families where slippers are mixed, one person often gets sick and the whole family’s feet itch.

Lao Wang thought that when he was on a business trip, he wore the rubber slippers provided by the hotel to take a bath. Who didn’t wear slippers barefoot?

Could that be the way it’s contagious?

Well, although the probability is not very high, it is still possible, so I bring my own slippers when I go on business.

However, many hotels no longer provide public rubber slippers, but instead disposable non-woven slippers, which avoids the spread of diseases and is worth promoting. The hotel’s swimming pool will also have a shallow pool containing disinfectant, which will eliminate poison and reduce risks before officially entering the swimming pool.

When going out, try to choose such standard hotels and swimming pools, so you don’t have to worry about beriberi infection.

Can it be cured if it gets better and worse?

Beriberi recurs over and over again. Is this disease incurable?

In fact, Trichophyton rubrum, which causes tinea pedis, is not very difficult to kill, but is too easy to grow and reproduce, and hardly chooses the environment at all.

It is so happy with the situation that it adheres to wood, textiles and even the bare ceramic bathtub surface and can survive for a while everywhere.

As a result, it is widely distributed all over the world and has become a common secret for people all over the world.

The treatment of tinea pedis is very simple in most cases, but if you cure it this time, there is no guarantee that you will not be infected next time, just like the common cold. If you cure it this time, there is no guarantee that you will not catch a cold in the future.

However, there are still some things we can do to prevent recurrence. For example:

    Develop good hygiene habits, bathe and wash feet frequently; Shoes and socks are often washed and basked in, or clothes disinfectant is added for cleaning. Don’t mix slippers at home and try not to wear public slippers when going out. Bathtubs and bathtubs should be cleaned regularly. Bathrooms should be ventilated and not too humid. If tinea pedis is found, treat it in time and do not give it the chance to spread.

Beriberi is not treated in time, be careful to run all over!

Anyway, it will be infected again and will not be cured?

This can not be. Although tinea pedis is not a serious illness that killed people in what, if it is ignored, it may spread to toenails and form tinea pedis over time.

The treatment of onychomycosis is much more troublesome than tinea pedis.

Due to the dense texture of the nail, it is difficult for external drugs to penetrate. Most of them cannot be cured by applying tinea ointment like tinea pedis. Instead, they should cooperate with regular scrape off the surface of the stratified and atrophic diseased toenail and wrap it with a thick layer of ointment. If the disease condition cannot be controlled, oral antifungal drugs may be required.

Tinea pedis can lead to obvious pruritus, patients often can’t help but want to hug the foot a burst of pick, the in the mind feel happy and relieved. If the patient’s hygiene habits are not good, after picking the feet do not wash hands, tinea pedis may spread to the hands, become tinea manus. And spread with the hand contact with other parts of the body.

Don’t think I’m joking. Doctors have been working for a long time. Patients in what haven’t seen them before.

In addition to active treatment, taking the preventive measures I mentioned above can avoid reinfection to the greatest extent.

Since reading this article, I can no longer look directly at my friend’s slippers.

Is this slipper clean? Did the last person wearing slippers have beriberi? Will I be infected with beriberi… … …

The boat of friendship turns over when it turns over. This question, or please ask Dr. Chen Yulan to answer:

When we visit other people’s homes, it is best to wear socks and not to directly contact other people’s guest slippers. After returning home, soak and clean socks with clothes disinfectant, so the possibility of tinea pedis is also very small.

Well, the friendship boat set sail smoothly again.