Can sweating really detoxify? You must not know the truth

When it comes to sweating, the first reaction is heat, but many people’s reaction is probably:

Detoxification, detoxification, detoxification…

[Detoxification] is indeed a very fashionable word, and various methods of detoxification are flying everywhere, perspiration is one of them.

Does the body really need detoxification? (laughing without saying a word)

Is it really good for your health to sweat more? (laughing without saying a word)

Today, Dr. Li Zhiliang came to tell you about sweating.

Sweating really can’t detoxify

What I want to tell you in particular is that no matter how what sweats, 99% of the ingredients in the sweat are water, while the other ingredients only account for less than 1%.

Other components here include sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine and urea nitrogen, among which urea nitrogen is probably the only one that can stick to [poison], and urea nitrogen is mainly discharged from the human body through urine, and the amount of sweat is really negligible.

In fact, sweating is only a means for the human body to regulate its body temperature. For example, when the body feels hot, it will make itself sweat a little, take away the heat, and the body will feel comfortable. As for detoxification…

First of all, the human body does not have so much poison to discharge. Secondly, sweating has no such effect.

You said you just enjoyed the process of being forced to sweat? Like what sauna, high temperature yoga, doing sports, wrapping plastic wrap?

No, no, no, no, excessive pursuit of [sweating and detoxification] not only cannot detoxify, but may also be bad for the body…

[Sweating and detoxifying] May also be bad for your health,

As mentioned earlier, sweating is a way for the body to regulate its body temperature. If too many people interfere and keep making the body sweat, sweating and sweating, and the body is not sure that the actual situation is what, it may be confused…

Step 1 Dehydration

Our body is like a field, and the sweat flowing out is like the water in the field. The more sweat we sweat, the more water we lose in the field. Naturally, our body will suffer from various discomforts.

For example, common dehydration makes the whole person feel dizzy, weak or even dizzy.

2. Infection

With the increase of sweating, the skin has been in a relatively moist environment, which makes it easy to turn white, wrinkled and fragile. If it meets bacteria or fungi again, it is likely to be infected.

3. Dermatitis

For people who perspire by wrapping their skin with plastic wrap, some components in sweat may directly irritate the skin, resulting in contact dermatitis symptoms such as erythema and itching.

Sweating is better to let nature take its course.

If you are really obsessed with sauna and high-temperature yoga, it is not absolutely impossible to do it… Remember to drink more water.

As for sweating, we should pay attention to what?

Usually sweat more or less, in most cases is the body’s self-regulation, don’t worry too much.

So, which situations need attention?

Step 1 Sweat too much

If you sweat too much naturally, it will affect your normal life. For example, some children are nervous during the examination, and the sweat from your palm can soak the examination paper. Adults’ hands, feet and armpits will be accompanied by smelly smell when sweating, and they need to seek help from professional doctors at these times.

In addition, if you sweat so much that you completely soak the sheets at normal room temperature, it may be the so-called [night sweat], and it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination by a doctor.

2. Less sweating

Less sweating is relatively rare. Apart from taking medicine that may reduce sweating, it may be a manifestation of rare hereditary skin diseases, neurological diseases or large scars.

However, if this step is reached, the body will basically suffer from other more obvious discomfort at the same time.

Finally, Dr. Clove would like to say that summer is coming, so don’t give sweat so many missions, sweat happily!