Can’t you eat fruit before meals? Eight Truths about Eating Fruit

As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people, and we Chinese will never make do with it.

For example, there are various kinds of stresses on eating fruits, and many statements have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

However, some of the statements are right and some are totally unreasonable. How can we tell the true from the false?

Today, Dr. Clove specially selected 8 of the most popular statements for analysis.

Can’t eat fruit before meals?

In fact, the so-called [fasting] is not as weak as we think, and you can eat fruit before meals.

Although tannic acid in fruits may stimulate the intestines and stomach, there is no need to worry as long as there is no problem of hyperacidity and you do not eat unripe persimmons.

Apples, pears and oranges are all good emergency fruits. It’s no problem to eat some when hungry. But if you listen to others and don’t eat fruit before meals, wait until after meals…

It must have been eaten up. Where else do you have?

Can you constipate after eating fruit?

Legend has it that fruits will be stuck in the stomach by the food they ate before, which is prone to abdominal distension or constipation.

The problem is that fruits are called fruits because their main components are water (generally above 85%), and the rest are mostly sugar and some plant compounds, which are much easier to digest than chicken, duck, fish and rice steamed bread.

If you are full and have a plate of fruit, it will affect your digestion.

However, is this strange fruit?

Is it better to eat fruit when it is hot and ripe?

This is a question of personal preferences, not principles.

Apple cake, Sydney soup, yellow peach pie… If the fruit is cooked like this, it will really have more flavor and taste better. Moreover, after the fruit is cooked, it will reduce the stimulation of fiber and other ingredients to the digestive tract, which is good for people with dyspepsia.

However, it is also [cause and effect vary] whether heating is added or not. Strawberry, kiwi fruit, winter jujube… This kind of fruit can be bought and eaten now, and the taste of hot and ripe food is a long story.

In short, for people with weak digestion ability, eating cooked fruits is a good way, and ordinary people are free.

The only thing to pay attention to is-put less sugar, otherwise eating fruit will become eating sugar.

Is it better to eat fruit than to drink fresh juice?

It feels great to watch the fruit turn into fruit juice with one’s own eyes, with no natural addition.

But (the important thing is always but)!

The concentrated juice is all essence. This cup of orange juice can hold 5 oranges. It is nutritious, sugar and calories.

The problem is that one orange is half full at ordinary times, but a cup of orange juice (5 oranges) is not enough to drink. According to this method of eating, one can definitely contribute to the great cause of gaining weight.

Dr. Clove suggested that everyone should squeeze juice with their own teeth, and it would be healthier to swallow the pulp together after squeezing.

Dry fruit has more sugar and is easy to get fat after eating it?

That’s not true.

First of all, please note that the dried fruits we are talking about are not preserved fruits, candied fruits and crisps of fruits and vegetables. If they are, they may indeed gain weight after eating them.

However, the real dried fruit is a dried fruit that does not add sugar, salt or oil and directly siphons away water.

Although the drying process greatly reduces vitamin C and vitamin B1, most other nutrients in fruits will be retained, which is also the greatest health significance of dried fruits.

Although dried fruits are good, don’t be greedy. After all, 70% of them are sugar and have a lot of calories. Here we have to talk about the wonderful use of dried fruits-replacing white sugar.

Original soya-bean milk with jujube, original yogurt with raisins, mom no longer need to worry about you eating too much added sugar.

Fruit enzyme, laxative beauty?

[Enzyme] is actually a Japanese name, the Chinese name is [enzyme], [fruit enzyme] is an enzyme made of fruit.

In fact, enzymes are necessary for various biological reactions in the human body. At present, there are more than 4,000 known enzymes. People cannot live without them.

But the problem is that fruit enzymes and enzymes in the human body are not a kind of thing, and even if they are a kind of thing, it is useless to eat them.

Because most enzymes are proteins themselves, they will basically be decomposed after being baptized by various digestive enzymes and gastric juice. Once the enzyme loses its original complete structure, it is naturally impossible to talk about relaxing bowels and caring skin.

In short, if you want to become beautiful, eat well and exercise persistently. This is the foundation.

Seasonal fruits are nutritious, but greenhouse fruits are much worse?

This is a misunderstanding, a long-term misunderstanding.

Some scientists have studied and found that the influence of light and temperature on vitamin C is only 10%.

In other words, seasonal fruits and greenhouse fruits are both good fruits, and there is no difference in nutrition.

In fact, the so-called “season” only means that the natural conditions such as temperature, humidity and light in that season are suitable for plant growth.

Now that we can already simulate similar environmental conditions, plants can grow all the year round, which is the benefit brought by scientific and technological progress.

As long as you don’t particularly dislike the taste, even if the fruit should not be seasonal, eat it at ease.

Is eating fruit more nutritious without peeling?

In fact, there is no need to struggle with this problem: if you like peeling, you can eat it while peeling, and if you like even peeling, you can eat it together.

There are some nutrients in the fruit skin, such as anthocyanin or other ingredients, which are sometimes higher than the pulp when calculated according to the unit weight.

But! (Important or But)

The so-called health effect of anthocyanin is the effect of [concentrated extract] during the experiment, which is not of the same order of magnitude as anthocyanin obtained by [eating grapes without spitting grape skins].

A little estimation shows that a medium-sized apple has only a few tens of grams of apple peel. If you want to reach the effective dose of anthocyanin by eating peel, I’m afraid you have to eat 10 kg and 8 kg of apple at a time.

The question is, does your stomach agree?