Can walnuts nourish the brain? Carrots are good for eyes? Just because [form supplements form]… … …

Every time I go home and sit and chat with my seven elder sisters and eight elder aunts, if anyone says something uncomfortable, the following painting style will become like this-

Well, I heard that eating that XX is helpful. (XX refers to some kind of food here)

Yes, yes, don’t take any medicine, just take some XX to supplement it. (XX also refers to some kind of food here)

Many physical problems seem to be solved by eating certain foods alone.

If you risk your life to ask the reason again, the reply is mostly-

You have never heard of supplementing shape with shape and color with color ~

Yes, this is the most omnipotent reason Dr. Clove has ever heard. But is this statement really reliable?

Eating walnuts to nourish the brain?

Walnut kernels are used as brain tonic food in the tide of [shape supplement shape] because they look like brains.

The-3 unsaturated fatty acid in walnuts does have certain benefits to the brain, but this fatty acid is not the patent of walnuts. Many nuts and other foods have it, such as common salmon, flaxseed, krill, kiwi fruit and peanuts.

Walnut is not the only choice to nourish the brain.

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Can eating black sesame grow hair and black hair?

Black sesame, with its dark skin color, won a seat in the team of “supplementing color with color”, making many people think that “eating more black sesame can grow hair and black hair”.

Many black foods are indeed nutritious. However, to deal with white hair, especially white hair caused by lack of nutrition, it is important to have balanced nutrition.

Dr. Clove has said this many times. People may think it is [very chicken soup], but there is never a shortcut to health. One cannot pin one’s wish to turn white hair black on certain foods.

In addition, black sesame is a seed rich in fat and oil. If you eat the whole spoon, you may be drinking oil unconsciously. If you lose weight, you are not recommended to eat more. For those who are malnourished and underweight, you can often eat sesame as a nutritional supplement.

Eating carrots to protect your eyesight?

After carrots are cut open, they really look like human eyes, with pupils, irises and radioactive lines.

Carrots are rich in-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. However, vitamin A mainly improves night blindness and has no what help for myopia, and there is no way to make our tired eyes sparkle.

If you love it, you will favor it. Why do you have to find a reason to eat unbridled?

Eating bananas for constipation?

Bananas will become a little expert at relaxing bowels, largely because they complement each other with shape.

In fact, if you eat raw bananas, because its tannic acid content is high, it is easy to cause or aggravate constipation. Even ripe bananas, the content of dietary fiber is not more prominent than other fruits, but can have some oranges, pears or pitaya, etc.

Banana seller, I’m sorry.

Kidneys and various whips…

Speaking of which, Dr. Clove will blush.

The main nutrients of animal kidneys are protein and fat, which cannot cure [kidney deficiency]. Moreover, most of these foods are high in fat and cholesterol, so eating more is not good.

As for foods such as animal whips and cattle and sheep treasures, there may be a little more androgen than other organs. However, after heating and digestion of gastric juice, there is very little left of these hormones. What should I supplement? From where?

Animal kidneys and various whips really have no [aphrodisiac] effect. Believe in yourself and insist on making different fireworks.

Finally, I have some ideas

In fact, the food was originally quite good. They filled our stomachs and warmed our stomachs and hearts.

However, it is a bit difficult for some people to put on high hats and force food to turn decay into magic. Whenever someone convinces Dr. Clove with [what to eat and what to supplement], Dr. Clove really wants to say…

Cauliflower and tumor look very similar, so eating cauliflower grows tumor?

If eating red dates can enrich blood, eating blueberries can make Avatar?

Beans look a bit like ears and a bit like kidneys. Who should I supplement? All of them? Love triangle? Cure all diseases?

If I want to go to heaven… Is it enough to have a few pairs of wings?

If this is the case, exaggerated, what do we have to look like after eating so much?