Can you have double eyelids after sleeping? Something about double eyelid

A Wen is a girl who loves beauty. God also blessed her and gave her a pair of big eyes.

What makes her feel fly in the ointment is that she has the same single eyelid as her parents.

One day, Arwen woke up and looked in the mirror and found that her eyelids were a little swollen. The key was that the single eyelids turned into double eyelids. Although it was not obvious, she was very happy…….

However, when I came home from work at night, I found that my eyes were swollen and my double eyelids were missing.

A Wen’s best friend a Cai was made of double eyelid by catgut embedding eight years ago, but now the original obvious double eyelid has already narrowed and become [inner double].

Because they were all struggling with the double eyelid issue, the two good friends decided to go to the plastic surgery clinic to consult about the double eyelid issue.

How do you become double eyelids when you sleep?

On this day, they came to the clinic early and saw the doctor. Arwen couldn’t wait to ask her first question, “How did I wake up and become a double eyelid?” How did double eyelids come from? ]

Doctor: For people with double eyelids, there is a fiber connection between the eyelid skin and the muscle tendon responsible for opening eyes.

    If the connection is tight, When you open your eyes, you will pull your skin to form a depression. That is, double eyelid. If the connection is loose, It will appear as a single eyelid or very inconspicuous double eyelid. When the rest is not good or kidney function is damaged, eyelid tissue edema occurs, loose connections will also be tightened, forming the appearance of double eyelid. When the edema subsides, it will also return to the state of single eyelid. If this fiber connection is missing, it is single eyelid.

How is double eyelid inherited?

Achai’s mother is double eyelid, but Achai’s two eyes are single eyelid, [is double eyelid hereditary? Will my children have double eyelids in the future? ]

Doctor: Small partners who have studied high school biology should still remember Mendel’s law of heredity. Double eyelid also follows this classical law of heredity, and double eyelid is the dominant inheritance of autosomes.

In short,

In short, if both parents have double eyelids, or one of them has double eyelids, then the child born may also have double eyelids, but there is also a probability of single eyelids. The probability can only be known by checking the genes of both parents.

But if both parents have single eyelids, then their children will also have single eyelids.

What methods do double eyelids have?

[I also want double eyelid, what are the surgical methods? ] Arwen asked.

Doctor: I’d like to introduce you to the three most classic and reliable surgical methods:

1. Incision: This is the most classic surgical method. It is most suitable for single eyelid and inner double eyelid with loose skin of eyes. Not only do double eyelids, but also can correct the problem of skin relaxation, eye weakness and swollen eye bubbles (eyelid fat is more) through open incision at the same time. However, due to the long incision, surgical scars will be formed and eyes will be seen when closed. Therefore, the eye skin relaxation causes double-colored skin is more suitable for this kind of operation.

2. Catgut embedding: If the skin is not flabby, there are no swollen eye bubbles and it is not laborious to open eyes, then catgut embedding surgery is the first choice for beauty seekers. Because no scar is left after surgery, it is also called seamless double eyelid surgery.

3. Small incision: This kind of operation will make three small incisions of several millimeters on the double eyelid line. Through the small incision, part of fat can be removed, thus correcting swollen eye bubbles. However, due to the fact that skin is not removed, it is not suitable for the inner double. For Arwen, who has slightly swollen eye bubbles, this operation method is more suitable.

It may be difficult for you to find these methods in the overwhelming plastic surgery advertisements now. Because they are dubbed with more eye-catching names such as [Korean three-point method] (small incision), [perfect seamless] or [Korean seamless] (catgut embedding method), [precise double eyelid] (incision method), etc. Although many operations are dubbed [Korean], the original inventor is not Korean……

As to why it is so called, I think everyone understands the reason.

Some common questions about surgery

1. Can patients with scar constitution undergoing double eyelid surgery do it?

In fact, there is no standardized academic definition of [scar constitution], and scar hyperplasia rarely occurs after double eyelid surgery. Even if hyperplasia occurs, there are enough methods to treat it.

2. Will your eyes swell for a long time after surgery?

The postoperative swelling time of the three operations is different. The incision method takes the longest, usually about one month, and the small incision takes more than half a month. Catgut embedding can reduce swelling in a week or two.

Should we pay attention to what before and after surgery?

Double eyelid is a very small operation, with small trauma and quick recovery. As long as the body is healthy and there is no coagulation disorder, the operation can be accepted.

If you are sure to do it, women should pay attention to avoid the physiological period, because at this time the consumption of coagulation substances in the blood is more, which will lead to more bleeding in double eyelid surgery and longer postoperative detumescence.

After the operation, as long as the wound is clean and the stitches are removed in time, ice can be applied to the eyes 24 hours after the operation, which can speed up detumescence.

Reminder: Choose a reliable hospital for double eyelid surgery,

At present, many beauty salons in the streets and alleys can be seen advertising double eyelid surgery, but beauty salons are responsible for life beauty, double eyelid surgery belongs to the category of medical beauty surgery.

Specialists with a doctor’s license are required to perform operations in an environment that ensures sterile infection.

When choosing an operating institution, one must not covet cheap prices or choose some institutions that do not have relevant qualifications and practicing doctor qualifications for surgery.

Professional plastic and cosmetic doctors will start from the needs of the beauty seekers themselves and make designs according to the comprehensive consideration of the overall facial features, face shape and even temperament. Therefore, beauty seekers can also find out the level of doctors in their communication with doctors.

Double eyelid is one of the most conventional cosmetic surgery, with little trauma and quick recovery. Generally, those seeking beauty are also relatively easy to accept. However, no matter how small the operation is, it should also be done by legal institutions. You must not take health as a joke!

In the process of work, it is not uncommon to encounter cases of spending a lot of money in illegal organizations but doing bad things. Some have no way to protect their rights, no medical records and surgical documents, incomplete evidence, some simply have no way to appeal, and fake doctors have already taken money and fled.

Everyone has a love of beauty, but people have different opinions on the understanding of beauty. Double eyelid is beautiful, but some people love single eyelid.

It is important to be content with those who please yourself, but don’t forget to accept yourself. What you like and suit you is the best.