Can you wear slender legs with elastic socks?

Stretch socks, originally a medical device used to assist in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and other vascular diseases, have become a thin leg magic object and a sharp weapon for beautifying legs through hard packaging by merchants in the network.

However, can healthy people really have thin legs and beautiful legs when wearing so-called “elastic socks”?

Stretch socks are not leg socks.

The medical term “elastic socks” is conventionally used to assist in the treatment of venous diseases and belongs to a medical device.

It is not what we literally understand [women’s favorite elastic stockings].

No matter in advertisement or in reality, some people look their legs have become thinner after wearing [elastic socks], so some merchants publicize that it can [burn leg fat] [fundamentally change leg shape] [bring you a pair of slender legs of models].

But in fact:

    The legs became thinner only because the muscle volume was compressed. Feeling hot, not fat burning, just because the blood flow accelerated; Take off this pair of socks, the meat on the legs will still return to its original state.

Therefore, don’t listen to the deception of online merchants.

Some people say that wearing it every night can improve the leg shape.

Wrong! Don’t do this!

Whether it’s the dirty [leg socks] or the regular [elastic socks] bought online, please take them off when you sleep.

Not only because of discomfort, for people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes, wearing during sleep will further increase blood reflux and increase heart burden, which may be risky.

Online shopping of elastic socks is unreliable!

Nowadays, the market is full of too many unscrupulous merchants. They sell elastic socks produced through some informal channels, claiming to have the function of “thin legs” and “beautiful legs”. However, the materials and pressure gradient of these socks do not have strict production standards and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

For example, Taobao issued a few years ago < < Announcement on Prohibiting the Sale of Varicose Socks in Taobao’s Underwear Category > >, stating that [Varicose Socks] belong to the category of medical devices. According to < < Taobao Rules > >, the sale of medical devices is a serious violation.

In addition, there are many kinds of elastic socks on Taobao, some of which are low in price and exaggerate the wearing effect too much. For example, the comparison chart before and after use is displayed, which makes consumers mistakenly think that the protruding veins will return to normal after wearing for a period of time, or claim that the legs can be thinned.

From a professional medical point of view, this is impossible.

Therefore, it is really unreliable to buy elastic socks, thin legs and beautiful legs online, and the risk is even greater for patients with venous diseases.

Never trust the propaganda of merchants. It is impossible for healthy people [their legs become thinner when they sleep]. Improper wearing of patients will aggravate varicose veins.

Regular elastic socks can cure diseases!

Regular elastic socks are designed according to the mechanism of “decompression step by step”. From the foot to the thigh, the pressure of elastic socks gradually decreases and is within the range of human body.

The pressure provided by elastic socks can be used to prevent and treat varicose veins and other diseases, so that those excessively expanded veins can be reduced, thus reducing venous blood reflux, reducing venous hypertension, and preventing blood from accumulating in excessively expanded and discoid veins.

For varicose veins with mild symptoms, in addition to raising legs and drug therapy, the use of elastic socks can have the following curative effects:

    Improve leg pain, congestion, heaviness and other symptoms; Relieving and preventing edema of lower limbs; Promote ulcer healing and prevent ulcer recurrence; Improve the microcirculation of skin and subcutaneous tissue from inhibiting skin lesions.

However, it is necessary to mention that if severe swelling and ulcer occur in the later stage of development, only surgery can completely solve the problem.

Therefore, if you suffer from varicose veins, you must go to the hospital to consult a vascular surgeon before deciding on further treatment plans.

Remember, regular elastic socks are by no means of uniform size, nor are they only divided into size sizes!

If you really want to buy elastic socks with prevention and treatment function, you should also go to a regular medical device company. They will measure the relevant data of legs first, and then ask you to choose the appropriate elastic socks.

How to choose suitable elastic socks?

According to different health care or treatment needs, elastic socks are divided into different pressure levels.

There are two groups of people who can consider choosing the right size of elastic socks after consulting a doctor:

  1. People at risk of venous disease

    Pregnant women with varicose veins often need teachers, traffic police, shopping guides, doctors, nurses, etc. who maintain standing posture, drivers who take planes or long-distance buses for a long time, or people who often feel heavy and tired in their legs.

  2. People with existing venous diseases

    Varicose vein patients can choose elastic socks to maintain the effect after sclerosing agent treatment or surgery. Patients after venous ulcer is cured.

If you have other more serious symptoms, it is strongly recommended not to choose elastic socks with stronger pressure. Excessive pressure will cause serious consequences when you use them incorrectly.

Clinically, many patients have obvious rejection psychology for elastic socks themselves due to lack of understanding of pressure therapy, believing that tight socks will lead to poor blood flow, etc. However, regular elastic socks will not cause such problems.

For patients with varicose veins, following the doctor’s advice is the key.

Some patients can’t tolerate the discomfort of elastic socks at the beginning, so they can try low-strength elastic socks first to reduce the discomfort of initial treatment. With the patient’s adaptation to elastic socks, higher pressure elastic socks are gradually applied.

However, in some elderly people, arthritis patients and obese patients, it is indeed very difficult to use them.

At present, there are many ways to help patients use elastic socks more easily, such as silk socks with inner layer, which is more convenient to wear.

Sedentary people and expectant mothers may need it.

Although it is not a sharp tool for leg beautifying, the use of medical elastic socks under the guidance of doctors can prevent varicose veins for the following categories of people:

    Often sedentary; Long-term standing work; Frequent long-distance flights; Mothers-to-be in the third trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, elastic socks are the main auxiliary method in conservative treatment for varicose patients who have been diagnosed but are not planning surgery for the time being.

It’s the same sentence, it’s best to buy and use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Because not all varicose patients can wear elastic socks, such as patients with arterial diseases.

In a word, elastic socks belong to medical auxiliary products, and their production and manufacture have strict regulations. Do not blindly trust the propaganda of merchants. Elastic socks do not have such magical effects, and inferior elastic socks will endanger health instead.