Can’t peaches and watermelons be eaten together? Five Truths about Peach

It’s time to eat peaches again, fragrant, soft and glutinous peaches, crisp and refreshing Dahongpao crisp peaches, and brightly colored yellow peaches… It’s a bit greedy to think about them.

But! There are some people who do not even make people feel at ease to eat peaches.

Can’t watermelons and peaches be eaten together?

This logic and exotic degree are expected to win the annual rumor list.

First rational analysis:

    Is what the Highly Toxic Produced by Watermelon + Peach? The poisoning of students has not been reported? Which doctor said he could [die immediately]?

Full of slots…

Besides nutrition, the main ingredient of these two fruits is water, followed by sugar, and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals have nothing special about [poison production] and [mutual restraint].

At first glance, this kind of rumor is to make loose talk about the most commonly eaten food in order to achieve the ulterior purpose of widely spreading the popular marketing number and waiting for opportunities to make money.

As for peaches and watermelons, you really can’t eat more at the same time, because you may be fat.

Peach, nectarine, flat peach, yellow peach… which is your favorite?

Peach belongs to Rosaceae (yes, that is, the Rosaceae of roses). Nectarine, honey peach, flat peach, yellow peach and so on, which we often say, are all different varieties in this large family.

1. Peach

The reason why it is called [water honey] is that this peach tastes [soft and juicy] when ripe, and is professionally called [soft solute pulp].

Peach is pink and tender in color, rich in aroma when ripe, easy to peel, soft and juicy in pulp, and will flow peach juice in one bite.

2. Yellow Peach

Peach with yellow pulp (derived from carotene).

Because yellow peaches are proud and charming, have a short maturity period, are not resistant to preservation, and some varieties taste sour, we can only eat canned yellow peaches for a long time.

Fortunately, there are also many sweet varieties on the market that can eat fresh fruits. The pulp is golden in color, compact in texture and moderate in hardness. If you haven’t eaten it yet, you must try it.

3. Nectarines

Because the hairy dominant gene mutates into a hairy recessive gene, there is a kind of peach that has no hairs on its skin, which is nectarine.

Nectarines are smooth on the surface, red and oily, and most varieties are very sweet. The most important thing is: Mom no longer has to worry about whether the peach hair can be washed clean!

4. Flat Peach

The shape of the fruit is flat and round, and there are also varieties of hairless flat peaches, namely oil flat peaches.

Although the appearance does not play according to common sense, the taste of flat peaches is not ambiguous at all, and the core of flat peaches is generally relatively small, especially the hard and crisp varieties, which are especially exciting to chew in circles!

[Peach is full of people], but it does not supplement iron.

The pink peach is still a little propped up when one is eaten.

The calorie of a medium-sized peach (about 200g) is about 80 ~ 100 calories, almost less than half a bowl of rice. As the saying goes, “Peach is full of people”, which is probably the truth.

It is worth mentioning that peaches are rich in pectin, which is a soluble dietary fiber and helps to promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation.

Is there an expert on the Internet who said [eating peaches to supplement iron]?

Rumor has it that the iron content in peaches is [the highest in fruits], which is 3-4 times that of apples? Ha ha).

In fact, the iron content of apples and peaches is about the same, ranging from 0.2 to 0.8 mg/100g. Lean pork does not mention this iron content, and even strawberries cannot match it (1.8 mg/100g).

Therefore, it is still the same sentence. Fruit is only a part of the daily diet. Fresh and delicious is enough. Don’t always think about the efficacy of what. It is good to eat happily.

Maddening peach hair

Fluffy peaches look cute, but peach hairs that hinder delicious taste are not cute. However, for most people, touching and eating peach hairs will itch or prick, which is not very comfortable.

In fact, peach hair can be said to be a kind of protection for peaches themselves.

On the one hand, it can protect young fruits from being burned by strong sunlight; On the other hand, it can also prevent rainwater from accumulating on fruits, which helps to keep them dry.

However, for human beings who want to eat peaches, peach hairs will irritate skin and mucous membranes, and even some people will not only itch but also develop rashes, and even some people will have symptoms when eating hairless nectarines.

This is allergy to peaches.

Peach contains some special proteins, especially the content of peel is relatively high. They can cause allergic reactions in some people. Common symptoms are red swelling and rash, but in severe cases they can even cause anaphylactic shock.

Therefore, for people who are slightly allergic to peaches, it is best to peel them and eat them. Don’t be afraid of trouble.

If it is severe allergy… before scientists cultivate [non-allergic peaches], give up this bite!

After eating peaches, the remaining peach kernels are treasures?

According to the Internet, the peach kernel we lost is a treasure, which can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, moisten intestines and relieve constipation…

Unfortunately, the truth is: peach kernels are poisonous and are not recommended.

Peach kernel is similar to bitter almond and is often used as a traditional Chinese medicine. It contains a highly toxic substance: amygdalin.

Generally, the content of amygdalin in peach kernels is about 1% ~ 3%, and some varieties with high content, about 100 ~ 200 g, can reach the lethal dose.

In other words, if you accidentally eat a peach kernel, don’t panic. But if you plan to save it as nuts… as long as you eat enough, you will also die.

You know, even as a medicinal material, peach kernel is strictly controlled.