Diabetes Diet 1 800 Kcal

Before using recipes, we need to know how much energy we need every day.

If you determine that you need 1,800 kilocalories of energy a day, you can refer to the following recipe.

Example of 1 800 Kcal Diabetes Diet Diet


    The recipe is provided by the Nutrition Department of Nankai Hospital of Tianjin Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for reference only. It is suitable for general diabetic patients (except diabetic nephropathy and gestational diabetes mellitus patients) complicated with hypertension. Daily salt intake should not exceed 3g (about half a beer bottle cap). If diabetic patients adjust their recipes, they need to monitor their postprandial blood sugar recipes, which should be used in combination with exercise and medication under the guidance of doctors and nutritionists, and pay attention to prevent hypoglycemia.