CCTV Exposes [Dyed] Earth Eggs, What You Buy May Be False!

The 315 party in 2019 revealed a [baby food] that parents are very concerned about-local eggs.

Native eggs can be described as [aristocrats in eggs]. If you go to a supermarket and vegetable market, the price of eggs marked with [free range eggs] [native eggs] [stupid eggs] is one or two times higher than that of ordinary bulk eggs.

When it comes to what is good about local eggs, most people will say:

Egg yolk is red, and it is more nutritious at first sight! Pregnant women and children eat better!

Native chickens are all natural free-range chickens, fighting chickens walking in the jungle!

The native eggs are not fed with synthetic feed, but coarse cereals!

Is this really the case? Reporters at the 315 party have repeatedly subverted everyone’s imagination by skinning these so-called local eggs.

Count 1: Native chickens, which are claimed to be free-range in the forest, are kept in cages.

This time, the reporter exposed a native egg called [under the acorn tree], which is claimed to be born by [native chickens that are free to feed in the forest and have grown under the acorn tree all their lives].

Following the address of the manufacturer on the packaging box of these hot-selling native eggs, the reporter came to Zhentang Laying Hen Breeding Co., Ltd. In Guantao County, Hebei Province and found that it was not simple.

In this farm, the reporter did not see the so-called “acorn tree” free-range chickens for a lifetime, but saw rows of caged chickens in the farm.

The boxes used to hold eggs in the warehouse are also marked with [local eggs].

It seems that the videos are all deceptive, and seeing is believing is the truth.

Count 2: Feeding chickens with additives makes egg yolks yellower.

So, how do these caged chickens produce eggs that are redder than ordinary eggs?

It is because an additive called [cantharidin yellow] has been added to the egg feed.

According to No.2045 “Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives” issued by the former Ministry of Agriculture, Mylabris yellow, as a colorant, is used to add poultry feed.

Yun unintentionally said that Mylabris yellow is an orange-red pigment that can be directly used for food color mixing.

Additives in chicken feed, such as lutein and cantharidin (cantharidin yellow), can make the eggs laid by chickens darker in yolk color.

Chickens eat cantharidin yellow feed, which can make the color of egg yolk look darker and more attractive.

Salmon eating canthaxanthin can make its meat more ruddy.

According to the EU’s assessment, the daily intake of cantharidin is not harmful to health.

These chickens are fed with such additive-containing feed every day, so that ordinary eggs can double their value.

Count 3: The word game is played smoothly, and the merchants cheat money deeply.

Reporters found that the original local eggs, not only lack of market supervision, businesses are also racking their brains to play tricks.

In terms of trade names, in order to avoid inspection, various businesses also played word games.

When registering a trademark, as long as you register a [* soil] and add the word egg to the back, you can become a soil egg.

For example, the [fresh earth eggs] and [good earth eggs] exposed at the party are actually fresh earth eggs and good earth eggs, which are completely different from what everyone thinks.

Hubei Liantian Food Development Co., Ltd. Also said in the video: The industrial and commercial department has come to look for eggs with a registered trademark [fresh soil].

The implication is: I didn’t say I was a native egg, but you understood it wrong. My egg is a fresh native egg.

This routine, just ask you not to accept?

Although they are not selling real native eggs, the merchants are not worried that they will be discovered by the regulatory authorities, because at present, there is no relevant national standard.

The so-called native eggs, free range eggs, stupid eggs, walking eggs… are just the common nicknames for free-range eggs.

Without specific regulations and disciplinary mechanisms, it is not difficult to imagine the market chaos of local eggs.

The local egg market is full of chaos. There is really no need to be overly superstitious.

There is no national standard, only folk saying, unscrupulous businesses take advantage of the loopholes.

But then again, are the high-priced local eggs that everyone has painstakingly selected really more nutritious than ordinary eggs?

In fact, the nutritional value of foreign eggs is not much different.

The content of protein, carbohydrate, cholesterol, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese in native eggs is slightly higher, while the content of fat, vitamin A, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid and selenium is slightly lower.

However, because chickens eat, native eggs contain some flavor substances and taste better.

The so-called [local eggs] are not necessarily more nutritious, but they will definitely be more expensive.

People should not be superstitious about local eggs, and businesses will naturally have no chance to take advantage of them.

We cover our wallets and Buddha will eat eggs.