Celery is anticancer and spermicidal? Celery thinks you think too much…

It’s time to eat celery again. There are always various messages about celery.

Although the nutrition is good, celery is said to kill sperm.

It is said to kill sperm, but it is also said that celery is anti-cancer.

Although it is said that celery is anti-cancer, it is also said that celery is easy to turn black.

Therefore, Dr. Clove will talk about whether to eat this celery.

Nutrition PK War: Celery Leaf VS Celery Stem

Celery, rich in insoluble fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium and carotene, is also an excellent source of B vitamins and vitamin C.

Compared with other leafy vegetables, the advantage lies in convenience, no need to choose vegetables, convenient cleaning, chopping in half and chopping can be put into the pot.

As for taste, it is an antidote for some people and a poison for others. After all, it is the same party as coriander and belongs to Umbelliferae.

However, as to which of celery leaves and celery stems is nutritious, many people will not struggle too much, because usually the leaves will be thrown away directly.

Strictly speaking, what we eat is celery leaves. Long stems are petioles, not stems.

Celery stems are crisp to eat, much like [dietary fiber], but celery leaves are definitely not satisfied.

Celery leaves are more exposed to sunlight than celery stems, and naturally synthesize more nutrients than stems.

Nicotinic acid, vitamin B2 and vitamin C in celery leaves are more than twice as much as those in stems, mineral magnesium is 3.2 times as much as those in stems, and carotene is 8.6 times as much as those in stems.

So celery petioles are not worth eating?

No, celery petioles are rich in calcium and potassium, and there are many petioles.

It is said that eating celery kills sperm?

After rumors of cola spermicide, mobile phone spermicide and coffee spermicide fell down, rumors of celery spermicide stood up again.

In a mouse experiment, celery juice was found to affect sperm activity.

Later, the researchers conducted another experimental analysis and found no what relationship between celery dose and sperm activity.

Besides, the amount of celery eaten by mice is not at the same level as the amount of celery we eat everyday. Don’t try to be a hooligan again.

More importantly, some foreign studies show that celery may even help improve fertility.

In short, this statement is very unreliable.

Is it easier to tan when eating celery?

Celery is indeed one of the vegetables with more photosensitive substances. As for the rumors that people are easy to tan, it is really untenable.

Swiss researchers did such an experiment, in which four volunteers each ate 300 grams of celery root and then irradiated it with ultraviolet light. No adverse reactions were observed.

It is said that eating celery is anti-cancer?

There is a substance called apigenin in celery, which has been proved to have certain killing effect on cancer cells in vitro experiments.


There is still a big difference between in vitro experiments and human tests. Besides, the dose conversion is also amazing.

In a word, the inclusion simple to [eating more XX food can resist cancer] is all playing rascal.

Does celery have food problems?

It is said that celery is rich in vitamin C and chicken contains more protein, which is easy to weaken when eaten together.

Protein and vitamin C are both nutrients we need, and contact between the two is inevitable.

It is also said that vitamin C in celery will be decomposed and destroyed by enzymes in cucumber, so it cannot be eaten together.

This sentence is even more contradictory. Cucumbers themselves have vitamin C.

In short, eat if you want.

Celery has special effects?

1. Smooth defecation?

Some people will think celery has the effects of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis and helping defecation because it cannot be digested by human body.

But in fact, the fiber content of celery is only the average level in vegetables. It is better to eat more coarse grains, miscellaneous beans and vegetables so as to achieve a balanced diet and defecate without worry.

2. Can it lower blood pressure?

In vitro tests have indeed confirmed that flavonoids in celery have high biological activities, including antioxidant activity, anticancer activity, resistance to cardiovascular diseases, etc.

However, eating celery does not mean lowering blood pressure.

In short, no kind of food can achieve a certain effect, balanced diet is the most important, otherwise, pharmaceutical factories will be changed into vegetable markets…