Children love snacks so much that what if they can’t stop?

When walking out, I often see some children under one year old holding various snacks in their hands and eating them with relish.

When communicating with the child’s mother, the mother also said that she was very helpless. Although she felt that eating snacks was not good, the child had already formed the habit of eating snacks and could not eat them. Therefore, she also felt headache.

Do you want to give your children snacks?

For snacks, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is arbitrary to think that snacks cannot be eaten at all or that there is no snack.

    Appropriate additions: Usually, for those who have certain chewing ability, And for children who like to move incessantly, The daily physical energy consumption is huge, Give your child some snacks at the right time to supplement energy, It is also very necessary, There is no need to insulate yourself from snacks. Add fun: Childhood without snacks is incomplete. Think of our own childhood. In those days of material deprivation, How happy it is to be able to eat snacks once in a while. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat snacks like tigers. Life is too short. Happiness must exist. Choose healthy snacks: Although affirming the value of snacks, But one thing must be upheld, That is, you must choose healthy snacks. According to friends, [five-year-old children suffer from liver cancer, All because of eating these poisonous snacks] and other news, Of course, it is a rumor of embellishment. However, the impact of junk snacks on children’s health is obvious. Don’t be greedy: Even if it is relatively healthy snacks, also can’t greed too much. Children’s stomach capacity is inherently small, eating too many snacks will affect children’s meal intake, do more harm than good, in the long run, it is also easy to lead to malnutrition. Therefore, we must control snack intake and adhere to the principle of timely and appropriate amount.

So, after affirming the significance of snacks, how can we establish a good snack eating rule for children? At the same time, how can children who are already infatuated with snacks be helped to get rid of this habit?

Managing snacks, I have a clever trick.

1. Reduce the exposure of snacks

If the child is still young and not old enough to eat snacks, then this is the best time to establish good habits. If children are already inseparable from snacks, it is also necessary to reduce the chance of snacks appearing at home.

Parents and family members should also set an example by eating less snacks if they can. How can you ask your child not to eat while eating with relish?

2. Formulate rules and guide reasonably

Make three rules with your child to make it more reasonable for your child to eat snacks. Teach you two good ways.

Method 1: