Children’s Safety Story: Beware of [Good] Bad People

When children go out on their own, they will face all kinds of dangers, especially bad people who pretend to be kind-hearted. These kind-hearted people try every means to deceive children. If they are not careful, the children will be cheated and eventually regret it.

In order to prevent children from being cheated, Dr. Clove gave parents the following advice:

1. Parents should not only educate their children verbally to prevent cheating, but also conduct some anti-cheating examples [exercises] in due course to strengthen their children’s anti-cheating awareness by playing games with their children. For example, family members can play [cheats] and educate their children how to prevent cheating.

2. Strangers should be on guard, and acquaintances should also be on guard. Some lessons in reality tell us that there is no lack of abduction of young children by acquaintances. Therefore, parents should educate their children to be on guard against people who are familiar or not very familiar with them when they are alone.

3. Parents must educate their children. In case they are cheated by bad people, they must look for opportunities to shout for help and seek help in downtown areas or crowded places. Teach children to make full use of all conditions to seek help from the police.

The following story can be told by parents to their children to help them be more vigilant and prevent being cheated:

Doctor Clove Tells Story: Good Crocodile

The little sheep was walking angrily on the road. She sneaked out of her home. Hum, it was agreed long ago that my parents would take her to the amusement park this weekend. Now they say they have to work overtime and cannot go. It has been several times! Words don’t count, lies!

Mom and Dad all went to work. The little sheep cried for a while and then took advantage of Grandma’s inattention to sneak out of the house.

Little sheep walked on the street, walked through toy shops, walked through small parks… but, can’t you go to amusement parks? By the way, my mother said that you can go to the amusement park by bus!

The little sheep came to the bus stop. A bus pulled into the station. The little sheep got on the bus after Grandpa Goat. The black bear driver started the car and the car [doodle] shouted and ran away.

The car ran through many places and stopped at many stops. Aunt Lu got off, Aunt Niu got off, and Grandpa Goat got off … but Little Sheep never saw the amusement park.

At this moment, a voice said, “Little Sheep, aren’t you with Grandpa Goat? ]

The little sheep saw that it was Uncle Crocodile. She shook her head and said, “I came out alone.”

Uncle Crocodile said in surprise: “Little sheep, why did you run out by yourself?” Where does your family live? ]

The little sheep said, “I’m going to an amusement park… my family lives in building 12 of happiness community.”

Uncle Crocodile said: [This bus does not go to the amusement park! Little sheep, get off the bus and go home quickly! I’ll take you back, I live next to the happy community! ]

As soon as the car stopped, Uncle Crocodile took the little sheep out of the car. Uncle Crocodile said, “Are you hungry, little sheep? Shall we eat something before we go home? ]

Alas, when Uncle Crocodile said so, the little sheep’s stomach really cooed. Uncle Crocodile ran to the side of the road and bought delicious fried chicken wings, hot sesame cakes and a large cup of sweet orange juice. The little sheep [ah-wu] [ah-wu] ate up completely. Ah, how delicious, how full!

Uncle Crocodile picked up the little sheep and spoke again: “Little sheep, uncle will take you home. If you are sleepy, go to sleep first, and when you wake up, you will be home!” ]

It was really a little sleepy, and the little sheep thought in a daze: Uncle Crocodile is really a good man!

However, when the little sheep woke up, they were not at home, but in a small dark room. There were also several sad children in the room: little rabbit, little fat pig and little monkey.

It turns out that Uncle Crocodile is not a kind-hearted man in what at all, but a big swindler who abducts and sells children! Several children have been locked up here for several days. They can only drink clear water, chew steamed buns and sleep on straw mats every day.

What can I do? Can’t you go home again? No, we must find a way! The little sheep thought, thought, and really came up with an idea. The little sheep took off his necklace. There was an open pendant below, which contained a picture of the little sheep. [We will give this to Sheriff Rhubarb Dog and let him save us.]

The little sheep directed everyone to stand up one by one against the back wall. Ah, we can reach the small window! The rabbit standing at the top took out a piece of steamed bread, broke it into pieces and threw it on the windowsill.

After a long time, there came a little sparrow pecking steamed bread dandruff! The little rabbit quickly hung the little sheep’s necklace around the little sparrow’s neck and whispered to the little sparrow, “Little sparrow, please bring the necklace to the sheriff of rhubarb dog and ask him to come and save us!” ]

The little sparrow nodded and flew away. Can the little sparrow help us deliver the letter? Everyone is worried and looking forward to…

That night, everyone was asleep in a daze when suddenly they heard many people’s footsteps and voices. Everyone woke up. Is Sergeant rhubarb dog here?

Sergeant rhubarb dog is really here! The little sheep’s parents are also here! The bad guys were arrested and the children were sent home.

Mom and Dad held the little sheep tightly in their arms with tears in their eyes. The little sheep said, “Mom and Dad, I miss you so much. I will never sneak out alone again!” ]

Experts’ Words to Children

Children, there are many kind-hearted uncles and aunts in the society, but you also need to know that there are some bad people who will pretend to be kind-hearted people and need you to be more vigilant. The following points please pay attention to:

1. When going out to play, even if you go to a familiar neighbor’s house or a familiar person takes you out to play, you should tell your family.

2. Don’t eat anything from strangers or accept anything from strangers when your parents are away.

3. Don’t be alone with strangers. When you meet strangers talking to you, you should walk away as soon as possible. Don’t disclose family information to strangers at will, let alone go with him.

4. If threatened in public, run to crowded places immediately and ask for help loudly.

5. If you are cheated, be calm, find a chance to escape, and ask for help from those you can reach. In places with a large population, you must shout for help. When you see the police, government agencies, etc., you must find ways to approach and ask for help.