Read Picture Books: Don’t Open the Door to Strangers

In recent years, the number of abducted children in China has increased year by year. The number is staggering, This makes the crime of trafficking in children become a common concern of the whole society. The crime of trafficking in children destroys human nature, Trample on public order and good customs, Serious violations of the personal rights of abducted children, As a result, many families have been separated from each other and their families have been destroyed, thus causing a series of social problems. Therefore, teaching children enough safety stories and raising their awareness of anti-trafficking will help avoid the recurrence of tragedies. In order to prevent children from being cheated by strangers at home, Dr. Clove gives parents the following advice:

1. Try not to leave the children alone at home. If you really don’t have time, you can ask relatives or friends to take care of them.

2. Tell the child never to open the door to strangers, no matter who he says he is. Don’t open the door to strangers if they say they are repairmen or come to collect utilities.

3. Let children remember their parents’ cell phone numbers. If strangers knock at the door, they should call their parents in time.

4. Tell children to be careful of hidden dangers such as water, electricity and gas.

5. When others help to look after the child, take time to call the child and ask about the situation of the child.

Parents can give their children the following stories so that they can strengthen their awareness of prevention and protect their own safety when they are at home.

Doctor Clove Tells Story: Fox Knocks at Door

What a beautiful day it is today! The three lambs went to the kindergarten with their mother. The mother told them: “The sheep are white, the sheep are beautiful, and the sheep are strong. Today, my parents can’t pick you up. You should go home from school, don’t run around outside, don’t talk to strangers…”

The sheep said in vain, “Don’t talk to strangers!” Mom, you have said it several times.] Mother Sheep asked: [What else? ]

Sheep Meimei said: “Don’t eat what strangers give!” ]

Yang Zhuangzhuang said: “Don’t go with strangers! ]

Mother Sheep smiled and said, “Yes! Also, Mom and Dad are not at home, don’t open the door to strangers! All right, the kindergarten is here, go in quickly! ]

After school, the three lambs ran home. Hey, an uncle in sunglasses stopped them: [Children, I am your father’s colleague, your father asked me to pick you up! ]

The sheep said warily in vain: “We don’t know you, mother said, can’t talk to strangers!” ]

Sheep Meimei said strangely: “Mom and Dad didn’t say that anyone would come to pick us up… Mom said that she couldn’t come to pick us up today, so let’s go home by ourselves.”

Yang Zhuangzhuang hurriedly said: “We can go home by ourselves. Goodbye, uncle!” ]

The three lambs walked away. The lamb’s house was very close to the kindergarten, and the three lambs arrived at home soon. They quickly locked the door, sat on the sofa, and breathed a sigh of relief. [Bang Bang Bang], who is knocking at the door? The sheep looked out of the peep hole on the gate in vain. Ah, it was Uncle Sunglasses just now!

Uncle Sunglasses knocked on the door and said, “Lamb, lamb, are you at home?” Can you let me in? ]

The sheep said in vain: [Mother said, don’t let strangers in! ]

Uncle Sunglasses said, “I am really your father’s colleague!” He asked me to take care of you and told me the address of your home. Otherwise, how can I find you? ]

Sheep Meimei said strangely: “Yes, how does uncle know we live here?” Did dad really tell him? ]

Yang Zhuangzhuang said: “That’s not necessarily true. Maybe he followed us back secretly!” ]

Uncle Sunglasses went on to say: “Look, I also brought you delicious chocolate, ice cream and sweet strawberries!” ]

The sheep licked her lips and said, “Really?” Chocolate is my favorite …]

Uncle Sunglasses said: “As long as you open the door, these delicious food will be given to you!” Uncle standing outside can be tired, polite lamb please uncle go in and sit down for a while, ok? ]

Sheep Meimei hesitated a little, and the sheep hurriedly said in vain: “No, no, no, as my mother said, strangers cannot enter the door.”

Yang Zhuangzhuang quietly called his father: [Dad, there is a strange uncle in sunglasses knocking at the door. Have you invited him to our house? ]

Father Sheep got a fright and said quickly: “No, no, you must not open the door for him. I invite Aunt Elephant next door to see you!” ]

After a while, Aunt Elephant came. Uncle Sunglasses was scared to run away and was caught by Aunt Elephant. Take off your sunglasses and have a look. It turned out to be a big fox!

The depressed fox was sent to the police station. Aunt Xiang accompanied them at the lamb’s house until the sheep’s father and mother came back.

Three lambs threw themselves into Mom and Dad’s arms. Mom and Dad said, “Our lovely baby, today is great!” ]

Experts’ Words to Children

The lambs did a great job! Children, when you are at home, you must not open the door easily when you meet strangers knocking at the door. Please remember the following points:

1. Lock the door in time when Mom and Dad are not at home.

2. You can turn on the TV or audio equipment to make bad people think that there are people in the family and they dare not do bad things.

3. Never open the door to strangers casually, but you can ask him about what and write it down to tell your parents.

4. If strangers still don’t leave, call their parents or call the police.

5. When you are at home, if you receive a phone call from a stranger, don’t reveal that you are alone at home, don’t tell him personal information, ask who it is, write it down and tell your parents.