Children’s Vision: Understanding Myopia

Adolescent myopia is similar to adolescent obesity and is currently the most common health problem among adolescents. Simple myopia and obesity do not do much harm to health, while pathological myopia will cause a series of complications and affect health. Both are the result of the combined action of heredity and environment, There is no what specific medicine in the treatment, emphasizing prevention and control. The widely criticized electronic products, like chocolate and hamburgers, have their own nutrition and benefits. It is rather hasty to ban them completely, and it may cause more desire of children. What is really needed is management. Therefore, let’s correctly understand myopia without turning pale at the mention of [near]. Is myopia a disease? The eyeball is like a complicated and precise camera. Myopia is that no matter how to focus, it cannot form a clear image on the retina. Simple myopia is only a problem of refractive power mismatch, and the hardware is not damaged. Pathological myopia, Also known as progressive high myopia, Pathological myopia is one of the major blinding eye diseases in China. Most myopia is simple myopia, It doesn’t look sick to me, Instead, it is a manifestation of human adaptability. Human beings obtain more than 80% of external information through vision. However, most information in today’s society is obtained through close reading. Myopia requires less adjustment when looking close. In order to adapt to long-term and large-scale close work, Our eyes also have corresponding changes, so that the adjustment of active efforts is reduced, resulting in the result of myopia. On the other hand, with the increase of age, the development of eyes towards myopia is a natural requirement, especially to 45 years old or above, with 150-200 degrees of low myopia is a good thing, can not wear reading glasses, still brush the circle of friends. Myopia, who is to blame? Myopia is related to heredity and environment. Pathological myopia has a stronger role in heredity. However, simple myopia is mainly due to environmental factors. Bad eye use habits and long eye use time are important environmental risk factors, such as eyes too close to books, too strong or too weak lighting, uninterrupted reading for several hours, long-term reading of mobile phones and other electronic equipment. These are all factors that easily lead to myopia. Myopia, how to do? Young children do not express that their eyesight is impaired, This requires careful observation by parents, If you find squinting, squinting, crooked head in the distance, Watching TV unconsciously leans forward, It is necessary to doubt the possibility of myopia. It needs to be paralyzed by ciliary muscle. That is, mydriasis optometry to determine whether myopia is true. Once myopia is determined, It means that the shape of the eyeball has changed. This change cannot be reversed by drugs or other methods, It can only correct and delay progress. At present, the most effective and safe way to correct myopia is to wear glasses. Some parents reject glasses very much. It is believed that myopia will become deeper and deeper after wearing glasses, This is a very common misconception. In fact, wearing a mirror can not only obtain clear far vision, But also to relieve asthenopia, Improving eye position and binocular vision function has positive effects. On the contrary, If you are short-sighted and do not wear glasses, Keep children in blurred vision for a long time, On the contrary, it is more likely to lead to deepening myopia. Therefore, After confirming myopia, you should wear glasses of appropriate degree. And change glasses in time according to the deepening of myopia. The glasses worn by myopic eyes not only have the most common ordinary single-light lenses, And progressive multifocal mirrors, double mirror, Rigid oxygen permeable contact lens, Orthokeratology lenses and other lenses. According to the specific conditions of the eyes, Under the guidance of a doctor, choose the right lens. Among them, Orthokeratology lenses, also known as “OK lenses”, are being used more and more, The optical effect produced by special lens design can control the progress of myopia. A series of detailed examinations are required before wearing, Wear it only if it meets the requirements, Close follow-up is also required after wearing, Observe the wearing effect and whether there are complications. Some parents worry that their children are too young, Can’t wear, In fact, as long as there is no acute or chronic ocular surface inflammation, severe dry eye and other conditions, children can learn the correct wearing method, which is completely acceptable. Studies have shown that wearing orthokeratology lens can effectively reduce the growth of ocular axis, progressive multifocal lens or double-light lens has a slight slowing effect on myopia development compared with common single-light lens, and only has a effect on some patients. Long-term anticholinergic drug eye drops have a more significant effect on delaying myopia. such as atropine, Piperenzepine, However, due to side effects and rebound after drug withdrawal, It has not been widely used. It should be pointed out that There is no solid scientific basis for all kinds of so-called myopia therapeutic instruments on the market. It should be treated with caution. Emphasis should be placed on habits to prevent myopia and control myopia progression. Emphasis should be placed on reasonable eye use habits. 1. The distance between eyes and reading materials should be kept at least 25-30cm. Not on the bus, Read while walking or lying in bed. 2. Use double lighting when reading. “i. E., in that presence of appropriate brightness dispersion illumination (e. G., fluorescent lamp on the ceiling), Place another desk lamp 50 cm away from the book. 3. Read for 45-50 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. It is best to rest in outdoor natural light, or overlook. 4. Increase outdoor activity time appropriately. Epidemiological studies show that the longer children spend outdoors, the lower the risk of myopia. Myopia is not terrible. Correct understanding of myopia, insisting on reasonable eye habits, using appropriate correction methods, can still have bright eyes.