Stroke: The Sworn Enemy of Human Happiness

Stroke is a very old disease, Records and descriptions can be found in both eastern and western traditional medicine. < < Huangdi Neijing > > is the earliest classic of oriental medicine known to all. Medical Origin is recognized as the beginning of western medicine, In both books, stroke is described as a disease. At that time, people attributed the cause of stroke to the element [wind] or the invasion of evil spirits. However, today we already know very well that The cause is a failure in the cerebrovascular system that supplies blood to the human brain. In modern medicine, We have summed up this kind of disease as: Cerebrovascular accident. Of course, there is also a more popular name called: Stroke. Stroke is the failure of cerebral vessels. The brain is the carrier of human consciousness and wisdom. A large part of the energy consumed by the human body is used to support its work and operation. The brain accounts for only 2% of the body weight, but the oxygen and energy consumed can reach 20% of the whole body, and about 15% of the blood is used to provide logistics for the brain alone. The blood flow in the brain is so abundant that if the blood supply to the brain fails, the consequences will be quite serious! Fault 1: Cerebrovascular blockage. No matter what’s reason, cerebrovascular blockage, It will cause a disease called: Cerebral infarction. In fact, it is because the brain in its basin cannot be moistened by blood after the cerebral vessels are blocked and dies of drought. Then the body controlled by this part of the brain will be paralyzed accordingly. If it happens to be the part that controls language, Then one cannot speak. Failure 2: The blood vessel is ruptured. If the blood vessel in the brain is broken, Blood will flow out of the blood vessels like a flood burst. As we all know, Only the water in the canals can be used for irrigation, And flooding can only bring destruction. The same reason: Blood poured out of the ruptured blood vessel, Not only does it not have a good effect, It also destroys the normal brain. This disease also has a familiar name called: Cerebral hemorrhage. Some people will think that cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage are two opposite diseases. If the chance of cerebral infarction increases, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage will decrease. This is actually a wrong view. Because both diseases have the same reason: the decrease of cerebrovascular elasticity and aging and the destruction of cerebrovascular vessels. So, Cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage can basically be said to be two different manifestations of stroke. Cerebral apoplexy is a very serious disease. The disease of cerebral apoplexy presents very obvious characteristics of three high and two low: High risk of illness, high risk of death, high risk of disability, low chance of survival and low quality of life. Once suffering from cerebral apoplexy, the patient’s physical and mental pain is very great. Moreover, this kind of pain often affects family members. Rehabilitation exercise is one of the few means for such patients to recover. Although its main purpose is to prolong life span and improve quality of life, its effect is very limited. Signs of cerebral apoplexy often have relatively clear signs before cerebral apoplexy, once it occurs, please seek medical treatment immediately. Limb numbness, inflexible movement; The spat angle is askew to one side; A sudden drop in responsiveness; Blood pressure rises and falls. Paroxysmal headache and dizziness, and more and more severe; Intermittent paralysis or inability to speak; Sleepy, unable to wake up, or not to shout; These may be precursors of stroke. Some patients may also suffer from severe vomiting, convulsions, incontinence and other symptoms. If the above symptoms are found, Stop any activity now, Quick and timely medical treatment. Stroke is a disease that, The earlier it is discovered, diagnosed and treated, the better it will be for the disease to recover. Stroke is a serious disease that must be treated in time. There is no recipe or trick to bring the dead back to life. Any form of delay and delay will affect the patient’s life and the quality of life in the future. Prevention is the main factor. All possible causes of vascular blockage or rupture are risk factors for stroke. The more common ones are: Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. In view of these factors, We know how to prevent stroke. Healthy living habits, Can slow down people’s aging, Reasonable and healthy diet, Active and moderate exercise, Good living habits are the main means to keep people healthy. Maintain normal blood sugar, Blood lipid, blood pressure level, Reduce the damage to blood vessels and the load they bear. To put it bluntly, it is just like parts of a machine to save some use. It will take longer. So, The treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes is the top priority. Smoke and alcohol are especially harmful to blood vessels. Quitting smoking and drinking is an important way to prevent stroke. Regular physical examination is also necessary. If risk factors can be identified early, And control it in time before it damages blood vessels, which is very beneficial to prevent stroke. If you suffer from hypertension, hyperlipidemia or diabetes, please be sure to receive timely and regular treatment, because these seemingly unpainful diseases can lead to painful stroke. Once someone has a stroke, please call [120] immediately and enter the hospital to get treatment!