Chopsticks, syringes, mineral water bottles? Those exotic ways to treat constipation

Don’t underestimate the pain of constipation, defecation and [emptying yourself]. People who have not had constipation will not understand it!

Dr. Clove met many constipation patients. After being forced to rush, he used many strange and dangerous laxative methods. Not only did constipation not improve, but it brought other diseases.

So, how is constipated? What should I do if I am really constipated?

Let’s talk about the troubles about constipation.

Dealing with constipation, those exotic methods

Please note that the following methods are useless to relieve constipation! More difficult movements cannot be imitated at will!

1. Attack poison with [poison]

Some people are used to seeking help from various Jianghu folk remedies and add poisonous medicinal materials such as centipedes and scorpions to the folk remedies.

As a result, not only can constipation not be cured, but it is easy to die of poisoning.

2. Enlargement of anus

Many people think that the cause of constipation is that the anus is too narrow, so they use mineral water bottles, gel water bottles and other appliances to expand the anus, thinking that this can make the anus bigger.

This kind of behavior not only cannot relieve constipation, but also easily leads to foreign body damage to anal canal or rectum, resulting in the tragedy of [entering but not leaving].

Step 3 Loosen your stool

Many people think that their constipation is due to too dry stool, so they just need to find a way to make it soft and expel it. Therefore, they use various tools, including chopsticks, metal sharp tools, even water cannons, syringes, etc., to try to relieve constipation by stirring or flushing.

This is very dangerous, not only can’t relieve bowels, but also can easily lead to intestinal perforation.

4. [Green] laxative health product

All kinds of health care products that claim to be able to [relieve constipation] [expel intestinal toxin] are all under the guise of green drugs, but in fact they are all added with laxative ingredients.

Long-term oral administration will not only rely on it, but also further aggravate the disease.

Step 5: Eat bananas crazily

Perhaps bananas give people the illusion of “supplementing shape with shape”. Many people think that eating bananas can relieve constipation.

In fact, bananas have no special effect on relieving constipation.

If it is not ripe bananas, because of the high tannic acid content, it is more likely to aggravate constipation.

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Since constipation is so terrible, this is not good, that is not good, then how is good?

First of all, we must correctly understand constipation.

To treat constipation correctly, one must first learn to judge whether one is really constipated.

Constipation refers to the reduction of defecation frequency. Constipation is called when the number of defecation is less than 2-3 times in a week, or once in 2-3 days, and the amount of feces is small and dry.

However, some people should not be considered constipation if they have to defecate once for 2-3 days and their stool characteristics are normal.

Constipation may only occur when defecation changes from once a day or once every two days to once for more than two days or more.

Constipation can be divided into acute constipation and chronic constipation according to the course of disease.

1. Acute constipation

Acute constipation refers to constipation occurring in a short period of time under the original regular defecation habits.

This kind of situation as long as timely treatment, through a series of examinations, often can quickly identify the cause of constipation.

2. Chronic constipation

Chronic functional constipation refers to constipation that lasts for at least six months and excludes organic diseases such as intestinal cancer.

The causes of chronic constipation are often the combined action of various factors. For example, intestinal motor dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome and physical and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression caused by constipation.

Long-term constipation, what should I do?

Step 1: Eat well

    Pay attention to eating more coarse grains and coarse cereals. After digestion, coarse grains and coarse cereals have more residues. It can increase the stimulation to the intestinal tract and facilitate stool excretion. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose. Normal people need 90-100 milligrams of cellulose per kilogram of body weight to maintain normal defecation. Ensure adequate intake of water. The decrease in water in the intestinal tract will lead to constipation caused by distinguishing dryness. Drinking more water can help stool excretion.

Step 2 Give the poop some time

If the defecation time is often delayed, the defecation rule will be destroyed, the defecation reflex will be weakened, and constipation will be caused.

People who are prone to constipation must pay attention to arranging their stool at a reasonable time and go to the toilet every time.

For those who do not have good defecation habits, they can go to the toilet to squat for about 5-10 minutes every morning and stick to it for a period of time to establish normal defecation habits.

3. Insist on a certain amount of exercise

Eat and drink enough to lie down in Ge You, which is a great damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, you don’t advocate strenuous exercise within half an hour after meals. You can take a walk to promote intestinal peristalsis. Many elderly people like to play tai chi, turn their waist and lift their legs, which can also exercise the anal muscles and improve their defecation ability.

Proper abdominal massage can also promote intestinal peristalsis. The method is to start upward, left and downward clockwise massage of the right lower abdomen 2-3 times a day.

4. Happiness is important

Some people compare the gastrointestinal tract to the second brain of the human body.

Gastrointestinal digestive tract contains rich and complicated enteric nervous system. Long-term anxiety and depression may lead to intestinal nervous dysfunction and constipation is becoming more and more serious.

5. Always use cathartic drugs with caution.

Many patients with functional constipation are not seriously constipated at first. It is only because of long-term abuse that they rely on laxatives, which leads to more and more serious constipation and even colon blackening.

For some constipation patients who really need cathartic drugs, it is still recommended to go to the hospital to accept the advice of professional doctors.

The causes of constipation may be very complicated. Once constipation occurs, it is basically only possible to make constipation more serious by relying on one’s own random speculation and adopting various extreme means.

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