Cold white open for a long time is comparable to chronic poison? Now the liar is really what dare to say

I drink this cold and white mouthful every day, and I really don’t understand it more and more.

For example, rumors of a recent comeback:

Cold white open for a long time is comparable to chronic poison?

If water is poison, the seller of poison may have laughed long ago!

What is going on with this rumor that cannot be defeated and the so-called small experiment? Is there really so much attention to drinking water? Today, Dr. Clove rolled up his sleeves and talked with everyone about this serious [small experiment].

Small videos can be seen, and small experiments can be forgotten.

To be sure, like the [small experiment] conducted by various media, the experiment itself is unreliable. Moreover, even if the experimental results are [true], it does not mean that the glass of water that has been put in place for a long time cannot be drunk.

Why do you say that?

First of all, the experimental scheme is unreliable.

Microorganisms in food are very accidental. Even if multiple samples are taken from the same kind of food, the detected results may vary greatly. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that the data of 5 samples are often taken to determine whether they are qualified.

However, this test only measured a cup of water that has been put in place for a long time and a cup of water that has just been boiled, and only one sample was taken for each cup of water to be tested, so the conclusion of [water will be put in place for a long time XX] was reached, and I was not willing to believe it if I was given 100 yuan.

It’s like! If you have a Chengdu person who doesn’t eat spicy food, can you conclude that [all the fellows in Sichuan and Chongqing don’t eat spicy food]?

Secondly, the detection index is unreasonable.

Food hygiene has standard detection indicators, usually the total number of bacteria plus major pathogenic bacteria.

However, the [gram-negative bacilli] and [hemolytic staphylococcus] detected in this media experiment are two large categories of bacteria. They do not represent the total number of bacteria or pathogenic bacteria, so it is impossible to compare the results with hygiene standards.

It’s really not fun to use a few professional words to confuse people, frighten others and have such frightening headlines.

Perhaps seeing here, everyone still has doubts in their hearts:

Anyway, bacteria did grow in the spared water.

There will be bacteria, but…

[Bacterial] and [unhygienic] are two different things

Our surroundings, our bodies and our bodies are full of bacteria, and most bacteria are harmless. Therefore, I want to knock on the blackboard to emphasize that [having bacteria] and [having pathogenic bacteria] are two different things.

Many [hygienic foods] are not [absolutely sterile]. The hygiene index of food is to control as few or no pathogenic bacteria as possible, not [no bacteria].

Only some of the two types of bacteria detected in the above experiment are pathogenic, and the detected figures do not completely explain whether there are pathogenic bacteria and how many pathogenic bacteria there are.

If according to the logic of the experiment, the bacteria in pasteurized milk may also be pathogenic bacteria, and the total number is as high as tens of thousands, can pasteurized milk not be drunk?

The so-called boiling water is comparable to poison after being kept for a long time, just one word-pull.

Does plain boiled water have a shelf life?

As for the statement that [plain boiled water has a shelf life], Dr. Clove can force himself to squeeze out a smile.

The person who said this may not have made it clear that what is the one who has a shelf life.

[Shelf Life] is a promise of the manufacturer, that is, within this period, the flavor, taste and safety of the food are guaranteed to meet the standards. If they do not meet the requirements, the manufacturer is responsible. After the shelf life, the manufacturer no longer guarantees, but it does not mean that things are broken.

And plain boiled water…

It is us who boil the water, and it is us who drink the water. Is it because every time we burn the water, we have to solemnly promise ourselves to the hot kettle?

Have you been cold and white for a long time to drink or not to drink?

In fact, the vast majority of bacteria in boiling water have been killed, and because the water lacks nutrients, bacteria do not like it, and they prefer to make trouble on other foods.

One concern is that when boiling water is poured into containers such as cups, there may be bacteria in the containers (boiling water is difficult to [burn] bacteria). If the containers are not sealed, bacteria in the air may also enter the water.

But it is still the same truth. First, bacteria and water do not get along well. Second, bacteria are not pathogenic bacteria. Third, to be honest, will there be a lot of cold and white water that has not been drunk? Is it true that it is often left for days or weeks? If you haven’t drunk it for so long, don’t you just pour it down when you drink it again? Do you really need to struggle with whether the rest of the saliva is poisonous?

Therefore, it really doesn’t matter if you drink it for a long time.

Should we drink what water?

For drinking water, safety is the most important thing.

Qualified purified water, mineral water and plain boiled water are no problem, which side (toilet) toilet (appropriate) to choose.

As for the high-end water that costs more than ten yuan and tens of yuan on the market, such as [glacier water] [plasma water] [ecological water] [deep ocean water], it is basically [form is greater than content], and the content of trace elements may be slightly higher, but it is far from being compared with daily diet.

Of course, these high-end water packages are beautiful, taste is not bad, and there are also restrictions on holding them in your hands. If you don’t love your wallet, buy them.

In fact, drinking water is not so exquisite, sufficient and clean, as simple as that.