Condyloma acuminatum: wildfire never quite consumes them, they are tall once more in the spring wind

Recently, the news that HPV vaccine has entered our country has exploded, as if cervical cancer would be eliminated overnight.

In fact, there are more than 100 subtypes of HPV. The vaccines we import are only bivalent vaccines, that is, only two of them can be immunized. Of course, they are definitely the two most related to cervical cancer. However, after all, there are other HPV subtypes, and all of them are undead Xiaoqiang, who are willing to destroy people tirelessly and hurt people invisibly, such as the famous condyloma acuminatum.

What does condyloma acuminatum look like and you will feel what?

Many patients have come to ask me similar questions: What does condyloma acuminatum look like? Can I see it myself? Does it itch?

Have you seen and eaten strawberries and cauliflower? Surface pimples like there are countless small particles, typical condyloma acuminatum is long, generally speaking, it will only appear in the private part of the body and its surroundings. Of course, this is only a mini version, bigger than strawberries have also been seen, but that is the heart wide to the extreme talent will have, the spot full of also seen.

If the imagination is not rich enough, you can directly move to the Internet to see pictures.

However, we should remind everyone that not all the things that the private director comes out with pimples must be condyloma acuminatum. Some may be other diseases or normal physiological changes, not diseases. Don’t judge only by your own mortal eyes, and give the diagnosis to a professional doctor to do it.

Condyloma acuminatum is generally not painful, not itchy or uncomfortable, or just slightly feel itchy. Therefore, if your private parts feel wrong or feel itchy, don’t frighten yourself, more don’t easily take medicine by yourself, also want to go to the hospital, clear diagnosis.

Why do you get condyloma acuminatum?

First of all, it needs to be clear that condyloma acuminatum must be infected with HPV, but contact with HPV does not necessarily lead to condyloma acuminatum, and only a very small number of people infected with HPV will eventually develop condyloma acuminatum.

Next, let’s specifically talk about condyloma acuminatum in what.

For those who consider diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases, Doctors have to ask if they have a history of traveling (if they don’t understand, they can Google it themselves). Some friends have condyloma acuminatum and refuse to admit that they have a history of metallurgical travel. At this time, I will patiently tell him that HPV is contagious, that is, the place where you have condyloma acuminatum must have come into contact with HPV. Do you have the opportunity to come into contact with your urethral orifice, anus and where? This is often referred to as the route of sexual transmission.

So, is there no other way of transmission except sexual behavior?

Of course, besides direct sexual contact infection, there are also some indirect contact infection. There are some playboy that is not pure enough. Or the courage is not fat enough, or too playboy, there will be some different behaviors. For example, patients often ask me in outpatient clinics, I didn’t have any real sexual relations, just oral sex, or the other party gave me a plane, during which she also contacted her own private parts (of course, he was not idle himself), will it be contagious?

These questions remind me of the textbook definition of sexually transmitted diseases: [STD is a group of infectious diseases with sexual behavior and similar sexual behavior as the main transmission route]. Every time I talk about this definition, I will have some problems with the explanation scale of [similar sexual behavior]. Just the situation of these patients above explains this concept well, and there are more fancy patients. Let’s imagine for ourselves.

Of course, in addition to sharing bathtubs and towels, infection can also be caused, but it is rare to be infected with HPV and develop condyloma acuminatum in this case. It does not rule out that there are indeed those who cannot find the source of infection, but very few.

In short, as long as contact with HPV, whether direct or indirect, it is possible to infect and cause condyloma acuminatum.

Can you cure condyloma acuminatum?

Condyloma acuminatum is difficult to treat. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no specific drug for HPV. No oral or external drug can ensure the killing of all HPV and cure condyloma acuminatum at once.

So the treatment of condyloma acuminatum has so far, Or to remove wart body as the first task, Classic such as freezing, laser, external medicine, fresh is photodynamic therapy. However, the removal of wart body is like pulling out grass. The grass is pulled out, and the seeds scattered all over the ground may grow out one day. Therefore, after receiving treatment, condyloma acuminatum may still relapse. Some drug treatments, such as interferon, are only auxiliary indirect treatments.

When will you be able to do that with this disease?

Slowly endure it. It takes 8 months not to relapse. There is no way. The incubation period is so long. During this period, recurrence may occur at any time.

In addition, those who have not done bad things for a long time should not be happy too early. Maybe the seeds have not sprouted yet, and the seeds that have not sprouted are still contagious. Therefore, they should be honest and think about how to explain to their wives for 8 months when they have time.

In order to reduce recurrence, you can also use some drugs to enhance immunity. More importantly, you can keep the local area clean and dry, eat and rest regularly, don’t stay up late and drink too much wine, and try to stay up for 8 months safely and do what you should do.

Life always moves forward in hope. Don’t be frightened by condyloma acuminatum. Although it is refractory and may relapse, as long as you do what you should, you will eventually be completely cured, only for different periods of time.